Youth Activism

That blunt email response sparked my accidental activism on this topic. But I'd love for a day to come when it's no longer necessary; when policymakers taking decisions which will impact the next generation ask for our input by default, and take our contributions seriously. So many of us are raring for the chance to see our ideas translated into real, tangible policies. Give us a seat at the table, and we'll show you what we're made of.
Perhaps it's always been this way, and due to the rise of social media we've simply found a way to share our voice. It's time we stopped with these double standards, and ageist remarks and instead embrace those who show an interest or a passion in something. Don't mock us for remaining quiet, when you also mock us for having a voice.
Losing my Dad was the worst thing that's ever happened to me and I want to do everything I can to make sure that no one has to go through what I did again.
Being an alumnus of several projects has made me a staunch believer in this cause and in the social benefits EU membership brings to our country. My experiences took me from a relatively aimless graduate with little professional experience to leading international projects both at home and abroad.
There are no words to contest with Malala's sentiment. Whilst jokes about boyfriends and Minions may make her crack up and laugh, there's nothing that can break the focus of her goal.
With COP21 in full swing, COY acted as a charged and poignant prelude. For starters climate change will affect this generation more than any other. Secondly, it's on these teenage shoulders that our future rests...
Youth clubs in the UK provide a similar function to the ones in Bangladesh. Young people have the chance to help in the community, play sports, and receive vocational training. In Bangladesh, this is where VSO volunteers came in - training youth club staff and organising vocational courses for youth club members.
It is just a couple of weeks ago that Taiwan was making news around the world for all the right reasons after both the major political parties, the ruling Kuomintang (KMT) and the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) nominated female candidates for next year's Presidential elections.
Jeremy Corbyn has entered the Labour leadership race, and in a world of cardboard cut-out, stick-to-the-centre-and-don't-really-oppose politicians, he is rising to the top with the help of grass roots activists and supporters.
Resham's words resonate with me as we need 'real people' in government and not a professionalised minority who withdraw into political institutions. The risk is that with one estimate placing the number of people seriously involved in political activism in the UK at only 100,000, this is likely to continue unless we find new ways of attracting them.
Each individual has a different politics; a university student studying politics has a different experience of politics than a medical student does. And they both have a difference experience of politics from someone who does not go to university.
For governments seeking to strengthen their own agendas it can help to have a minimally informed or, at least, somewhat apathetic electorate. And so important political decisions are often veiled in a cloak of terminology that alienates voters - especially young voters.
Political apathy is a term usually associated with youth. Whether it's low voter turnout, disengagement from democratic processes or the lack of knowledge to make informed decisions, young people have been identified as the one demographic seemingly beyond saving.
Getting ready to rehearse/perform this play has made me more interested in these issues and how these countries are doing post-genocide/conflict. I've been asking friends who have families that live in Zimbabwe to tell me more about what it's like and not simply relying on the news alone.
There is no easy answer to youth unemployment. When young people took to the streets to riot two years ago, questions were asked. Why do young people not seem to care about the destruction of their communities? Why are so many unemployed? What can we do about it?
We venerate our older, wiser leaders when we should be listening to the youngest members of our society: our children. They know the least but strangely enough, children offer simple solutions that neither political filibustering nor social argument ever get to.
All too often students take their own political consciousness for granted, but we must accept the immediate task of nurturing political enthusiasm in schools and colleges. 60% of people aged between 18 and 24 don't vote. The biggest barrier right now is the absence of a basic political education.
Using the tagline 'Take Charge of Change,' Being Young and Irish is a series of seminars organised by President Higgins whereby people aged between 17 and 26 can have their say on where Ireland is going.
Youth unemployment is undoubtedly one of the challenges of our time - we can play our part in equipping young people to overcome it. Not just because we want to do our best - but so they can too.
In an elegant experiment on empathy sociologist Sam Richards attempted and succeeded to encourage an auditorium full of Americans to sympathise with Iraqi terrorists.