Youth Contract

Iain Duncan Smith has come under fire after the Department for Work and Pensions admitted it does not know how much it is
The government is keen to get young people into work, even if it involves working on a porn film set or in a sex shop, according
Today's Labour Market Statistics show a worrying sharp rise in youth unemployment. The number of young people aged 16 to 24 who are unemployed rose by 15,000, to 973,000. The government's efforts to tackle youth unemployment are not working. The government's approach - the Youth Contract - was developed after Nick Clegg told the cabinet something must be done about youth unemployment. It has been clear for some time that it hasn't been going well. The Engineering Employers Federation reported that only 1% of their members were involved in it, and few of them had even heard of it.
There is a huge gap in government policy when it comes to slightly older NEETs. A sustainable and wide-ranging scheme to employ young people who are no longer 16 or 17 is absolutely essential. Some may argue that these schemes exist - and there are initiatives available to encourage youth employment. The problem comes when small businesses aren't kept in the loop about the schemes.
The Government's youth contract is "insufficient" to tackle youth unemployment, a group of MPs has said. The Work and Pensions
Ministers will pay private companies to wake teenagers in a drive to get more youngsters back to college or work, it was
One thing that is clear is that unless action is taken now we risk a 'lost generation' of over 50s, unable to find work and consigned to living out their lives with lower living standards than they had hoped.