Youth Mental Health

We recognise that Mental Health First Aid is not a panacea, it provides that initial link and a first step on the ladder to helping someone access further support but, in my opinion, it should be considered as a core part of a wider, progressive strategy to improving mental health in higher education.
This girl, and the many thousands like her across the country, deserve better. They should be not be left in situations where their lives are at serious risk, but instead should be able to expect care and treatment to deal with the underlying trauma they've faced, to get well and to build a future for themselves.
In the wake of the London Bridge terrorist attacks, Theresa May has quite rightly called for unity within a society increasingly
It is no surprise that student mental health is something which needs to be taken extremely seriously- it affects not only their mental well-being but also their learning, resulting in drop-outs and failed assignments. Negative mental health is unfortunately very common and concerning in university students- as recent studies reveal that over 1 in 10 students have suicidal thoughts.
It makes me feel physically sick to imagine people knowing that I used to cut my skin. I imagine how people would judge me, perhaps think I'm a freak for hurting myself, and probably feel quite sick themselves once they knew.
Young people are experiencing a mental health crisis of unprecedented proportions. 1 in 10 of them have a diagnosable mental health condition, which equates to 850,000 across the UK. Self-harm in children and teenagers has sky rocketed and over the past ten years we have seen a 68% increase in the number of young people being hospitalised for self-harm.
Tomorrow is the first, official National Eating Disorder Awareness Day and in response to this worldwide recognition of need
Barely a day goes by without me reading or hearing something in the news about Mental Health, especially children's mental health.
This feeling of thinking you have made a difference is something special and indescribable and I therefore encourage everyone reading this to fight every injustice and try and make a difference because we all have the power to do so. I know it sounds cheesy but if you really want to change something big you can if you just try.
As the Christmas period has passed, and now the New Year celebrations have gone too, it sort of feels like reality has appeared