This week was a historic one in international justice. Over 20 years after the tragic massacre at Srebrenica in which over
The millions of Holocaust victims will be remembered on Tuesday as part of Holocaust Remembrance Day. Rather than turning this occasion into yet another gory battlefield of ideologies, the historical anguish should prompt us to work against the systems of collective hatred - beyond religious, ethnic and racial boundaries.
The #illridewithyou campaign in a shining example of everything that's fantastic about Australia - even if as a Kiwi I have to say it through gritted teeth. Like the American cousins, they've got a lot of big, empty spaces, what is politely known as a 'frontier mentality' and a tendency to come across as a bit rough round the edges.
The first days of August 1914 saw a series of declarations of war between the Great Powers of Europe. One hundred years later, the first days of August 2014 saw a series of commemorations, in which allies and enemies came together to acknowledge the sacrifice and devastation of World War One...
I don't see why it would be such a tragedy if Ukraine and Russia redrew their borders, with one, all-important proviso: that it is done in accordance with the wishes of the majority of the people in the region affected, as expressed in a fairly-conducted referendum. After all, that's what is planned for the people of Scotland...
On Sunday, those living in the north of Kosovo took to the polls for the time since 1999 to elect a Mayor who would govern under the jurisdiction of Pristina. The problem was that not many of them went...
Just 20 years after a bloody civil war, Croatia is celebrating becoming the 28th member of the European Union to the sound
European Championships traditionally serve up superior football than World Cups from the group stage throughout the knockout
Over 20 years ago, George Perry dismissed this film as 'unconvincing and cliché-ridden, and not for a moment are its players believable Yugoslavs.' (Perry 1981, 72) Putting aside the latter notion of how Ealing would populate a film with 'believable Yugoslavs,' that is a harsh criticism of a solid and enjoyable piece of filmmaking that both resembles and departs from standard Ealing wartime fare.
A university cleaner has finally been awarded a degree in ancient Latin and Greek after 14 years of part-time studying. Gac