Yunus Carrim

The director of the company which is the majority shareholder in VBS is living the high life, while depositors struggle to draw R1,000 a day.
Parliament has heard that until now, Sars was not doing enough to clamp down on illicit tobacco trade.
Lackay's submission is published unedited.
Adrian Lackay, then Sars' respected spokesperson, sent a detailed memorandum about Tom Moyane's gutting of the taxman to Parliament in early 2015. It sank without trace.
The VAT increase can only be opposed later this year, and will come into force on April 1.
Steinhoff faces lawsuits by investors in the Netherlands, Germany, and now South Africa.
MultiChoice and Naspers are in the crosshairs of public opprobrium for playing tough tackle in their negotiations to protect their market dominance.
The former minister of communications says it's "bizarre" to think Koos Bekker was "hands-off" from vigorous campaign.
Sars received a dressing down by MPs from the ANC and opposition benches in Parliament on Tuesday.
The SAA board chairperson's term came to an end on Friday, but she was asked to stay on.