On Tuesday, as I'm inspecting my navel (see past and indeed future blogs), out of the blue I get a call from the head of HR at the company that has been my main employer for almost four years.
Broken promises, and unfulfilled manifestos. That's what we have been offered by this Tory government, and the sham coalition that preceded it. Year after year, Theresa May's Tory party has pledged to rebalance the economy, clamp down on aggressive tax evasion, invest in education and public services such as the NHS, as well as ensure workers' rights for all citizens.
News last week: the number of UK workers on zero-hours contracts has reached the all-time high of 910,000. It was something
When corporations share business risk with their employees, they should also be required to give employees a share in the
One of the great things about the trade union movement though, is that simply by existing it protects workers whether it's allowed into a workplace officially or not. By ensuring that a big enough stink was caused about Sports Direct that Ashley has been dragged in front of MPs, Unite have done more for Sports Direct workers than Ashley has ever even considered doing.
As a scholar with years of teaching experience plus research, public lectures, grants, as well as a body of academic publications
The EU may not be perfect but it is a vehicle to tackle injustice in a top-down and bottom-up fashion. The Panama Papers should serve to reinforce our efforts to bring about more changes to the way companies and individuals report their tax activities. In the case of these petitions, the European Parliament is uniting workers from Belgium, France and the United Kingdom. This is the essence of the European Union: cooperating to improve the conditions for all our citizens. This should not be undervalued.
Young people have been hit hardest by a sharp rise in the number of workers on zero-hours contracts. The Office for National
It is for this reason that the debate surrounding zero-hours contracts must be rekindled as their very genetics are exploitative and biased towards employers. In simple, there must be an alternative to this system. A system where 740,000 individuals could wake up everyday without the worry of not being able to work and subsequently be left with no money.
Zero hours contracts are the Marmite of work: Loved or loathed. But are we doing enough to make them fair ? This is starting