A high, yet achievable target pushes the commitment from politicians to realise the economic agenda.
From illustrations to catchy headlines, these are the ones you need to see.
"I find it strange I'm being told to go" – SERIOUSLY, Mr President?
"#Zutsek is a much better hashtag than #Zexit 😁"
Analysts expect that the rand could strengthen slightly if Zuma goes today.
According to Sunday reports, President Zuma has a host of conditions as part of his removal as president.
ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa delivered an address at the Nelson Mandela Centenary celebration on the Grand Parade in Cape Town on Sunday.
"But as we celebrate this day, we need to say the ANC is in good hands today. The ANC is with the people."
"There is agreement on the end game, what is being discussed is the timing and the process that should be followed".
South Africans will have clarity about President Jacob Zuma's future "within days". We just don't know which day.