Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan IbrahimoviÄŤ's amazing flick against Bastia you should have seen was a picture book goal, but it is now the star of
Paris Saint-Germain forward Zlatan Ibrahimović has escaped with a warning for pretending to aim a gun at the Toulouse bench
One of Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimović will not be at the 2014 World Cup after Portugal and Sweden were drawn with
Zlatan Ibrahimović added another wonder strike to his archive of great goals with an audacious flicked volley in Paris Saint
His name was last year added to the Swedish dictionary and now Zlatan Ibrahimović has a burger named after him. "Le Zlatan
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Zlatan Ibrahimović doesn't stick around long, and the Swede has hinted the clock may be about to strike midnight on his fairytale
Zlatan Ibrahimović says Paris Saint-Germain's owners are "interested" in Wayne Rooney, as Manchester United supporters wait
It may be springtime but Paris sizzled ahead of its team’s rendezvous with one of club football’s greatest sides. The more
Best known for on-pitch violence, stubbing a cigar out in a teammate's eye and doing time in prison, Joey Barton did his