Courgettes are quite bland and so it can be difficult to get children to eat them as a vegetable. So what I always do is bake courgettes in the oven, stuffed full of tasty and fresh ingredients and suddenly they are turned into the main event.
This has got to be one of the most simple soups ever. If you are lucky enough to have courgettes growing in your garden use the courgette flowers as well. They may not have masses of flavour but they look lovely in the soup. Try and keep the soup chunky it will benefit from having more texture. You can make this the day before it will taste even better.
This is a really easy way to make a delicious pasta dish. Making your own pesto is very simple, satisfying, and much cheaper than you think. After you try this recipe you will always make it yourself. Pair with a glass of Vermentino. Happy cooking and enjoy the weekend!