Lee-Roy Jason's latest exhibition of photographs, 'Everything Must Fall', is now open in Johannesburg.
The ANC in KwaZulu-Natal says it wants to have another go at holding its elective congress
Ajay Sooklal, a potential state witness in the Zuma trial, is key to the state's case against former president Jacob Zuma and French company Thales.
"The charges have been reinstated for them as well, and they will appear in court with Zuma."
"President Ramaphosa has already started off on the wrong foot and the UDM NEC believes that South Africa is in for more of the same," said Holomisa.
The incoming and outgoing presidents appear to have buried the hatchet.
President Jacob Zuma has reportedly been recalled by the ANC and has 48 hours to resign as state president.
When the politicians won't spill the beans and the pontificating analysts leave you with more questions than answers, turn to the stars.
The ANC would have recalled Zuma on Wednesday if he didn't agree to resign, ANC Treasurer-General Paul Mashtaile is heard saying.
The ANC's parliamentary caucus is reportedly ready to move against Zuma if he does not resign.
The ANC's national working committee met on Monday night after a meeting between Zuma and the party's top six officials on Sunday night.
NPA spokesperson Luvuyo Mfaku has confirmed that the president's legal representatives submitted his representations at 21:00 at the NPA offices.
"There are two options that will be put forward to the rules committee."
“Until [Ramaphosa] tells us differently, the only information we have is what we have been given,” she said.
'His removal is something I will definitely support.'
A proposal to add just one deputy secretary general to the top six will be debated in another session.
The parliamentary enquiry into SOE corruption looks likely to quiz President Jacob Zuma in February. Can he prove that Zola Tsotsi was lying?
"We need to act decisively and support the Libyan Government of National Accord to address this human tragedy."
By 11:00, the hall was still less than a quarter full, with an estimated 500 people in attendance, including performers, out of the hall's occupancy of 3,900.