01/04/2013 14:25 BST | Updated 01/06/2013 06:12 BST

Stop Bullying, Ian (Iain) Duncan Smith

It's a struggle being an internet sensation dears but I'm breaking away from my hectic schedule to share more of my thoughts. Here is my question to all communists and whingers...

Why on Earth is everyone being so horrible to lovely, Ian Duncan Smith?

I suppose common sense against the wall of hysterical nonsense is to be expected, as a TRUE BLUE conservative my hackles are raised and I'm wading into the fray. I'm a champion of truth and justice and irrespective of my own personal TORMENT, I heard the call for assistance so I'm coming dears.

Let's leave aside for the moment that the poor man can't spell his own name correctly and focus instead on a FANTASTIC interview he gave to the equally fantastic BBC news people who quite rightly illustrated their own piece on benefit scroungers with a photo of hoodlums

It maybe unpopular with namby pamby lefties but Ian (I've corrected for him) is absolutely correct. People who drain the decent, kind hearted, unselfish, right thinking, tax payers filled coffers of this great country such as my Tory husband, need to be reminded of a few FACTS.

And I'll tell you for why

1) Ian is a good person who is working hard (commuting from his £2million home which his father in law generously lent to him ) on this bank holiday not answering any questions about benefit changes affecting millions of people. Why should he it's his DAY OFF.

2) Everything is Labours fault. Poor people often vote Labour ergo Poor people caused the economic meltdown.

3) I know of many many, rumours which have reached my ears of mansions and chauffeur driven limousines at tax payers expense. But the cabinet need those in order to TARGET THE POOR

4) Poor people smell. Therefore what decent minded, nasally functional Minister for The Department of Work and Pensions would want to spend time in the company of those who will be challenging.

5) Poor people often live in the North and in the Midlands.

6) Disabled people are easier to attack as many of them fake things and even genuine ones can't necessarily fight back. You do the maths dears.

To those who claim that this government is cynically targeting poor and sick and disabled people, populated as it is with highly educated privileged white men, making decisions for the rest of us , I say this.

They know best

Firstly and most importantly they are all men and secondly they have been able to understand the challenges of poverty from the distance of wealth and therefore understand better. When it comes to poor people it's often better to view them from a distance I find.

Ian himself has said he could live on £7.57 a day

Why on earth would anyone question that? I have absolutely no idea other than overt communism.

What would some complaining harridan, raising 6 children alone, trying to decide between heating and eating, whilst she struggles to attend appointments for her chemotherapy and caring also for elderly relatives with dementia, know of the busy life of our leaders?

What on earth could she possibly know of how hard it is to struggle with real life problems like the 50 pence rate of tax, or the children's nanny suddenly announcing she has been asked to be maid of honour at her twin sisters wedding DURING WIMBLEDON FORTNIGHT?

Nothing that's what.

She doesn't have a clue about the real problems faced by the the most marginalised group in our society, super rich people .

This is why I urge you all to join with me in thanking Ian Duncan Smith for being a dedicated champion of those who really need him now more than ever.

The rich.

It is they who need our understanding, pity and help more than ever before.

It's the same as the bankers who will flee our glorious shores, if we expect them to act like the rest of us. A million pound bonus doesn't go that far dears when you have overheads. But will you communists listen? No you will not.

As for those on benefits or whingeing about the spare room subsidy, I have (like dear, sensible and pretty Louise Mention) absolutely no pity at all. My cleaner is often tired at the end of a 7 day week cleaning one of our houses. You people will benefit from the break, if you just LISTEN TO THE CONSERVATIVES

I simply don't see the problem.

Remember dears, if they have nothing, they have nothing to lose .

I'll leave you with a song which Amelia has internetted over to me. It's rare for the two of us to be in agreement on the issues of politics but she sent it with the words "here's one for you and all your mates" .

I can't make the film work , you all may have more luck with that, but I'm sure you'll agree, the words were so inspirational.

I'd never heard it before but it's a rather wonderful song of hope for the future. Most importantly In my humble opinion, it sends a clear message echoing the aspiration that many in the cabinet talk of so often.

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