16/06/2014 11:18 BST | Updated 13/08/2014 06:59 BST

Singapore Twitterati Reveal the Island-Country's Best Kept Foodie Secrets

There are many reasons to go to Singapore. In fact, there are so many that people are now moving out there in droves to live the expat life. The No.1 reason to at least visit the city-state is food. Eating is a big part of the Singapore lifestyle, because anything you decide to order is bound to taste incredible.

The amount of Singaporean food blogs or expat lifestyle blogs with a whole section dedicated to the nosh is huge. Put it this way, if the internet was an actual net (fishing net) and blogs devoted to food in Singapore were fish, that would be one hell of a haul!

Another great thing about food in Singapore is it's not devoted to just one cuisine. Food from all four corners of the Earth has found a home here. Aromatic scents from south east Asian cooking wafts through the air. Little India attracts hoards of people in search of a spicy dish. Hearty British grub fills any homesick Brit's heart with a plate full of fodder that's just as good as mum's cooking. For a sample of Singaporean fare head to the hawker centres and choose from a variety of stalls.

To truly be in the know on the best places to eat and the hidden hotspots to check out in the Lion City, you've got to listen to the experts. The best way to do that is through Twitter. Singapore's top bloggers have shared their secret foodie recommendations via @SecretSinga for a Secret Singapore Foodie Edition special

The places mentioned are only a taster, so to speak, when it comes to the variety of food spots in Singapore. Even so, you wouldnt be judged for salivating all over your computer at the idea of a bowl of pork belly and noodles or a platter of seafood. It's enough to make you open a new window and book the next flight out to the Lion City. Please could I come with you? I want some more!