29/12/2015 05:07 GMT | Updated 27/12/2016 05:12 GMT

How to Make New Years Fun for All the Family

My idea of a lovely New Years Eve is less partying into the early hours of the morning and more about quality family time with my little adventurers/family. I think it is a shame that all the events advertised only seem suitable for singletons or young couples so I decided to make my own list of things that you can do to ring in the new year with even the smallest of adventurers. So here's my ideas of how to have the best New Years Eve as a family.

Countdown to Midnight

New Years eve Family fun ideas

I saw this fantastic idea, to move the clocks forward (if your children can tell the time) or making 7 or 8 pm midnight for the day (they wont know any better). There are loads of ways that you can countdown to midnight and one of my favourite was countdown balloons. Have them numbered and on the hour, the children get to pop the balloon and we had activities or games that you can play together. If you kids aren't fans of balloons popping, there is a great idea here from The Idea Room of countdown Bags. in the link is also the updated 2016 labels.


New Years Eve is never the same without a party. Invite a few friends and their children, get out a karaoke machine and let the children sing their little hearts out. A Photo Booth is also fab and so easy to create. You can make a backdrop or just have a few props to hand. Heres some fab printables from Red Ted Art. We put together a real cheap photobooth for my nieces 18th birthday, old frame big glasses, a moustache or 2, it makes for fantastic pictures and memories.

DIY Photo Booth cheap ideasTime Capsule

I think this is a lovely idea and it can be a momento for future new years or to look back at a birthday in the future. Ask all the children to write down their happiest memories of 2015 on a paper, print out photos or put things inside the capsule something that will forever be a happy memory of the year. It makes for a lovely keepsake and would be a great walk down memory lane. There loads of options for cheap capsules out there from mason jars to metal tins, making a capsule itself is a great craft activity to do together. I think its nice for parents to add things the children did that really made them smile.

Wishes Tree

I LOVE this idea. From your garden (or if you have a real Christmas tree), get a few tree branches and put them into a vase. Get the children to decorate the branch with glitter and lots of things sparkly, that will be a great activity to do together Then with the children write down the wishes on small pieces of card, that they have for 2016. They can be serious ones like learning to write their name, reading skills etc, to funny ones like wearing a superhero outfit underneath their uniform to school or mix matched socks. Once they are written, punch a hole in the card, attach some ribbon and hang them on your wishes tree. I think it would be lovely to then do one of these activities every week / month!

New Years Bath

My children love having baths and I thought this was a super cute idea to have a new years bath, perfect for toddlers who may not necessarily know much about new years eve. I loved the fact that you could make something really fun by using inexpensive things like happy new years banners stuck on to the bath, have lots of messy fun from shaving cream paint. I also saw some fab ideas of adding sparkles and coloured water in the bath which completes a lovely child orientated activity. The kids will have an amazing time and you will be officially the coolest parents ever.

To celebrate when the clock strikes 12.


Its customary to see some fireworks, and I think there is something lovely about wrapping up warm and watching some fireworks and then maybe some hot chocolate and biscuits to warm up before the kids go to bed

Balloon Drop

I saw this idea on Red Ted Art and thought it was great, recreate the magic of Times Square with loads of falling balloons. You can try and make your own balloon drop or buy a relatively inexpensive balloon drop, heres just one example but this one has no balloons. I think the kids would love 70 balloons falling down at midnight.

Toasting in the new year

A fancy drink is always needed to mark the new year! Whether it is some of these fabulous colourful cocktails suitable for children or even this gorgeous milk and cookie treat in plastic martini glasses (made extra special with the hundreds and thousands around the rim of the glasses), the children will definitely start the new year with a bang.

This post originally appeared on the Five Adventurers website.