21/09/2015 13:41 BST | Updated 21/09/2016 06:12 BST

Dear Richard Dawkins, Ahmed Mohamed's "Motives" Are The Kind We All Need More Of

14 years of age and arrested for putting a clock together.

Meet Ahmed Mohamed the brilliant student who also masterminded his arrest just to be the centre of attention, get an invite from the White House and secure crowdfunding.

Well, that's according to Richard Dawkins who is 74 years old and very well established in the scientific community.

There's a reason of course for Dawkins' line of questioning. He is a scientist and probing goes with the territory.

But Dawkins' relentless curiosity appears to have killed any sensibilities he has about how human beings operate.

In his enthusiasm to find out why Ahmed became a sensation overnight, he appears to have forgotten the subject of his deep-rooted cynicism - a teenager who is probably just as curious about the world, as Dawkins was at that age.

Someone, who loves science just as much as Dawkins did and still does.

Someone who was simply trying to make a good impression at school.

The story is not so far fetched that it requires a scientific hypothesis, investigation and conclusion.

What did Dawkins think Ahmed's motives were? More importantly, why did Dawkins' suddenly forget the power his voice carries?

Why take aim at a teenager who, through desperately unfortunate circumstances, managed to bring STEM to the fore like it has never been before.

Didn't Dawkins' see how Ahmed managed to win over responses from tech royalty including Zuckerberg, Twitter and Google?

Ahmed set an example for STEM students around the world who have a dream bigger than the classroom, to go beyond the norm and make an impression.

And that dear Dawkins is not a bad thing.