15/02/2012 06:50 GMT | Updated 16/04/2012 06:12 BST

Tales From the Middle of Nowhere (Vol.2) - Where I Return to the Arena


Now then, that gig last night was just as I thought it was gonna be... A bit big, a bit loud, a bit, well... difficult.

Having not played arenas for a few years the step back up the ladder comes as a bit of an unwanted pain in the arse-hole!! I suppose I best get used to it and quickly, eh?

Still, there were some echoes of familiarity though... A big punch up down the front during the third song!! Reminded me of them good old days.

I had to laugh though when I reminded all the boys and girls in the crowd that it was Valentine's Day today... There were a few booos!!! They booed a day??!!

Got off-stage to the incredible news that Carlos Tevez is to return to Man City!!!! I speak to all supporters of MCFC here when I say try not to boo him. We shouldn't be booing our own players, no matter what stunts they might have pulled. We're on course for glory. We don't need him but it might just make the run in a little less stressful... If we must let him know how we feel then we should sing Mancini's name even louder than usual... That'll do for now.

You currently find me in Aberdeen... The coldest place on earth.

People live here, you know?

Actually LIVE here!!!!!