Tales From the Middle of Nowhere (Vol. 2): Power Cuts and Benicassim

17/07/2012 16:06 BST | Updated 16/09/2012 10:12 BST

Okay comrades. I don't have much time. Long time? Just can't seem to keep up during festival season. Too much going on. Here goes anyway...

So let's go back to what seems a lifetime ago now to the south of France. Can't remember the actual town/city I was in but it was beautiful. Blistering sunshine. Might have actually got a little bit sunburned!! Always a good look eh?

So the gig was going really, really, well, it was actually shaping up to be one of the greatest when right at the end of the fourth song... DREAM ON I believe... BANG the power went!! Stage in full darkness... total silence!! It took 20 minutes to get things up and running again and by that time the moment had passed so to speak. Shame, it really was gonna be a good 'un. Still the mighty Franz Ferdinand were on next (yes you cheeky fuckers they ACTUALLY ARE still going!). So I'm sure they brought proceedings to an adequate close.

Next up was Berne in Switzerland. Truly stunning city. I kid you not it has a river running through it and the water is BLUE... ACTUALLY FUCKING BLUE!!!!!!!!?????? Unbelievable. Bought a lovely pair of shoes too. The festival is a good 'un. Done it many times. Up the top of a mountain. I was on first though... FIRST!!!! The actual first person onstage was me!!! Last time I played there I HEADLINED it!! Fame is a cruel mistress comrades. It was like playing at breakfast. Bizarre. We did great though. Enjoyed it.

So, after that I think we drove back to France, to Lyon to be exact. I remember on the drive there we watched that film PULP FICTION. My other guitarist - who's name escapes me now - had never seen it... NEVER SEEN PULP FICTION??????? Like... fuck me!!! Unbelievable.

Lyon was great. Pissed down the minute we got there. It was warm rain though. The wind got blowing in such a way that by the time we took the stage it was raining onstage... raining onstage? Another first. The gig was a blinder though. Really, really good.

So... then... on to Benicassim. If you've never been to Beni' then you really should try and get there. If only for the weather. Beautiful. It was my 100th show as a solo artist thing and I have to say it was definitely the best gig of the tour no question, but I tell you this, it might well have been one of the best shows I've ever done, EVER. It was that good. If you are reading this and you happened to be in that crowd I thank you. You were immense. Truly special. You made it a great, great night. IZ'FUCKIN RIGHT!!!

I was on before the Stone Roses again. They also smashed it. Crushed it even. We partied hard. Seen the sun rise. A magical, magical night.

You currently find me in Edinburgh. Playing at the castle tonight. Then eight days off!!!

I'm looking forward to some of that.