08/05/2012 07:25 BST | Updated 08/07/2012 06:12 BST

Tales From the Middle of Nowhere (Vol. 2): Latin American Adventures

Yes comrades.

So... Rio? Fuck me! What an unbelievable night. A truly special gig. Not because of anything I did I hasten to add - I played AND sang like shit!! But them kids man!?!? It was just a privilege to have been there never mind on the stage AND I got in for free (I know the bass player innit?)!!!!!!

The green and gold balloons were out in force, More weird and wonderful banners (there was even a "Noel or die" one... which was nice!) Those kids were singing the guitar solos and lost Oasis classics in-between the songs... they were even doing 'the Poznan' at one point!! Now I'd like to think I've done a fair few momentous gigs down the years but that one goes straight into the top 10... no question.

Stopped quite by chance at a random bar on the way back to the hotel and fuck me if we didn't have one of the funniest, bestest nights out in a long time. Not sure what the bar was called but it was on the Copacabana. A waiter in shades kept putting down these bowls of nuts and shouting "these Viagra!!" They were in fact just nuts. A comrade of mine who shall remain nameless but you can refer to as 'Truffles' was convinced that everyone in there was either a prostitute or a pickpocket or in some cases both!! Top, top night though. Didn't even feel too bad the next day either, which made it even better.

Brazil... you NEVER, EVER disappoint.




Yes comrades... so... Cordoba?

Had a funny sketch at the airport yesterday when a family came up to me while I was queuing to get on the plane. They approached me (mum, dad and two young boys) and asked the usual "is it alright if they (and pointed to the boys) take a picture?"

"Go on then" says I, and the parents turned around and gave the camera to the eldest lad and got HIM to take a picture of THEM with me!!!! I did laugh.

Cordon was double hot. Not that I got to benefit from any of the sun's rays as I was trapped in my fucking room all bastard day. There was crazy screaming kids everywhere. All over the hotel!!

Couldn't even go for a quiet bitter and a liddle drinky... screaming birds all over the place with their bastard cameras... "one picture, one picture!!!!" Can someone tell me what the fucking obsession is with taking pictures??? The gig was a good 'un. Played well... sang well. It was good.

The crowd had blue and white balloons just like the Brazilian kids' yellow and green ones... very fucking cool if you ask me. They was all singing City songs as well!! Muchas gracias and all that.

Legged it early as I had to be up to get back to the airport in time to catch the Man City versus Newcastle match in the VIP lounge... it's a long story. I got a little shout out during the Spanish commentary!! One of my senior Argentinian aids heard they said that I was watching the game in the VIP lounge at Cordoba airport!! Which of course I was... but how did they know?? The lounge was empty!! Anyway... we won. A magnificent performance. Made all the more sweet as their manager is a tool what needs his hair ruffling and a kick in the shins.

So... landed here in Buenos Aires. There was a little madness at the airport. Only a little though, no drama. Gig here tonight AND a day off tomorrow... holy shit-balls it could get a bit Lionel Messi!!