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How to Stop Meeting Guys Who Just Want You For Your Vagina or Other Body Parts

Men have no problem with the. They call it nature's way to sowing their seeds before any possibility of settling down occurs. Alas, the better looking they are, the smarter and better their financial position, the less likely they are to entertain the notion of settling down.

There is one thing about dating that many women still simply just don't get and it's this: You may need to date a huge number of people before 'the one' appears. You need to become a checker, an evaluator, something along the lines of an expert shopper, before you can agree to a long-term marital, and perhaps a child-bearing and child-raising, commitment.

Men have no problem with the shopping process. They call it nature's way to sowing their seeds before any possibility of settling down occurs. Alas, the better looking they are, the smarter and better their financial position, the less likely they are to entertain the notion of settling down.

This is allegedly a world of equality and opportunity. The trouble is, that today's apparent sex equality tends to serve men better. Welcome to the 21st century, filled with opportunities for guys to do anything they want without any need to commit, or to take any kind of responsibility.

Women? Women are getting more and more desperate for marriage, kids and even just human relationships... they are willing to forgive so much. They no longer feel any power to pressure the object of their desires.

"Do you sleep together?"

"Yes. He said we need to see how it goes. ... That's only logical. Right? I mean, how would he possibly know if we can live together if we don't try?"

"Do you have unprotected sex?"

" Well... he is my boyfriend... sort of."

"And what are you going to do should you get pregnant and then discover he is not the right one for you? Or worse yet, he tells you that actually... you are no longer what he thought you were?"

That's real life. That's how women feel and what women do.

Yet there is something women can do to protect themselves from the so-called 'equality' that often backfires on them.

Here are ten steps that should take you away from the guys who date you for your vagina. These steps should bring you closer to your potential 'the one'. The decent guy.

  1. Masturbate before a date. Before any date, at least until you and your date decide to take it any further. Further doesn't mean marriage (not yet anyway), but (when you are ready) having mutually agreed intercourse. So, you should masturbate about half an hour before you are ready to leave the house.

    That will prevent you from falling in 'love' through your hormones and will help you to keep a clear head. As an added bonus, you'll have that healthy glow about you that drives guys crazy!

  2. Learn to masturbate and bring yourself to an orgasm on a regular basis. If you don't know how to please yourself, you'll be dependent on anything that moves and looks like a guy.
  3. Treat yourself to a massage regularly. Human beings have a need for skin contact, and you singletons lack that. Without regular skin contact, you'll be head over heels with anyone who offers you a hug or even a gentle brush of your hand. Once a week should suffice.
  4. Try to arrange dates where you and the guy could split the costs. And then watch whether the guy steps up and pays anyway. When guys pay, that shows some sort of ability to commit. They commit with their hard earned cash.
  5. On the first date, expect the guy to pay. It's not about the equality, but about the chasing game. If he is the sort who wants to care for his woman and his family, he will want to demonstrate it with his wallet.
  6. Do not give a guy a second chance if he cancels the first date. No one takes rejection very well, and women are particular suckers for this. "Oh, but he is probably very busy". He is. And not with you.
  7. Don't try to impress your date. There will be plenty of time for that in your life. Be relaxed and certainly be yourself. Wear something comfortable with one, and only one, twist such as a pair of gorgeous stilettos or a cute, small and overpriced handbag (they need to know what they are going to be dealing with when picking you a Christmas or Birthday present).
  8. Don't double-date, and don't try to go out with your other female friends, when your purpose is to meet 'the one'. Limit the competition.
  9. Invest time in your hobbies. Most women try hard to make time for a guy when they find one. But, by doing this, they are sending out masses and masses of subliminal messages saying "unable to lead my own life: not ready to date". So fill your diary with discovering new hobbies and interesting activities.
  10. Cut loose anyone who refuses to see you on weekends and Friday evenings. No matter what their excuse may be. Don't accept, for instance, "its my weekend to look after the children", "I promised to help my sister", and so on. These guys are in a relationship of some sort and they are not free.

If the guy you are dating passes the tests I have set out above, then he is a guy worth fighting for. When your expert shopping finally bears fruit, and you do meet 'the one', don't forget to send me a wedding invitation.