15/08/2016 11:23 BST | Updated 12/08/2017 06:12 BST

Gym-kit Outside The Gym: Thoughts?


Last night, my running buddy (soon to be ex-running buddy - he is moving to Dubai. I'm not actually ready to speak about it just yet. Too soon. Sad face etc. Waaah) and I went for a run around Hyde Park. So far, so usual. Except one thing - in a moment of spectacular stupidity and short-sightedness (even for him), he shunned the weighted vest he usually wears. Since he is a good foot taller than me and about double my weight, you can probably spot the immediate problem. Naturally, I couldn't keep up. Naturally, I melted and refused to continue. Naturally, he got pissed.


Which would be a bad thing, except that somewhere, out of nowhere, my brain has morphed this into all-new motivational prowess. RB may be leaving, but training & I are back on. I've even signed up to a week-long bootcamp with Hybrid at the end of the month (gulp). It feels great. Of course, I'd like to pin this on my own brilliance and inherent ninja-ness, but secretly I suspect it's down to a new supplement I've been taking (Equi), which is all about giving your body what you need so you're not left flagging when you have too much fun. Zero compromise. Win.

It's good timing, really, since last month my old-faithful kit store JD Sport unveiled a new department, JD Women. So far as I can tell, it's basically to rival the likes of Lulu Lemon and the whole gym-wear masquerading as daywear trend thang (#athleisure, yes?). They've got carefully curated edits from newish brands like Pink Soda and Ivy Park, but all in the JD vein. Which means there's something insanely reassuring about it - I can actually remember 'hanging out' in the megastore near my parents' house and comparing Nike Air Max models we had no intention of buying (because Spice Girl cards), whilst dressed head-to-toe in brands you don't hear of anymore. Like Ellesse. Which they're bringing back, apparently.

And reassuring it needs to be - because, just as I'd got the hang of 'Sorts Luxe' (read: odd fluro strap / metallic stripe / impractical trainers), it's not enough. Now it's full kit. Like, all-out activewear to decidedly non-active functions. Which - to someone comforted by random rules and boundaries - is slightly intimidating. I mean... gym kit outside the gym? Does no-one else spot the irony? That said, I am making progress - last weekend I wore Ked's with bodycon to the Asterix screening - does that count?! Baby (well heeled) steps, I guess. This week is the War Dogs premiere - maybe I should wear my new dayglow Sauconys?


Is non-active wearing of activewear ok?

I'm actually just kicking off my shoes as we speak - I've been at the Casper party. Which has nothing to do with friendly ghosts and everything to do with awesomely comfy beds. I was there with my Hoxton Radio team, plus the beaut Laura Pradelska who also cameo'd on the show last week.


The station turned four recently so we've been doing all sorts of fun activities. This weekend, I've managed to cajole them into a trip to Oktoberfest. Which I realise is a bit of a mind-eff since it is obviously not at all in October...


Fun with team Hoxton Radio

Still - details, details. Memories of bratwurst, drindl and oompa music have come flooding back from my year in Germany with the Army. See you in the schnitzel queue?

Olivia x