05/04/2012 07:34 BST | Updated 04/06/2012 06:12 BST

The Sisterhood Doesn't Want You Anyway Samantha Brick - and it Isn't Because We're Jealous...

First things first. I believe that I am a beautiful woman and I feel no shame in saying that out loud, in public, online or anywhere else. It's not like I shout it from the roof tops unprovoked, but I do think it's healthy to be proud of the positive things about your appearance and realistic about the negative things. I for example, have weight to lose and so I swim. I even get up and do it when I really don't want to go, so in that way, I suppose Samantha Brick and I are quite similar.

The difference between us however, is that where I understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Samantha Brick seems to think that beauty is a finite measurement. A universal scale for everyone... You've either got it like she has, or you don't, girls.

It's pretty obvious to me why this doesn't make sense. I'm sure there are men and indeed women in the world that will look at Samantha Brick and reckon she's pretty fit. However, naturally, there will also probably be just as many people that would see her and be either indifferent to her "more Kate Middleton than Katie Price" styling, or worst case scenario, find her wholly unattractive.

If Samantha Brick could see me right now, sat here writing this in my "grubby top and tracksuit bottoms," drinking tea and feeling sorry for myself because I'm having a fat day, I'm pretty sure she would not be thinking, Wow, she has beautiful hair and pretty green eyes!

Because to old Sammy B, appearance is everything. That's what gets you ahead in your career, that's what gets you a husband and that's what gets you free gifts and travel. Without looks, you are nothing my friends.

Well Sam, I for one am offended.

I see what you were trying to do. There's a bit of 'girl power' lost in your words somewhere. Something about how we should all be more positive about beauty, not let it make us feel inadequate in ourselves or jealous of others because after all, everyone is attracted to something different... We are ALL the most beautiful woman in the room. Perhaps you were trying to say that you are proud to be confident about your appearance? Maybe you were trying to empower women.

But you haven't.

What you've actually done, is repeatedly insult the women that your own insecurities have lead you to believe will hate you because of your beauty and presumably, our ugliness? And then to add insult to injury, you whinged at us about how we had no sympathy for what you had written about your overinflated ego. Believe you me, honey, playing the victim because you think you da bomb, ain't gonna fly with "the sisterhood" you clearly wish you were a part of.

I'm sure that once you've read this article you will shed a lonely tear and then exclaim (probably with your husband by your side, in full combat gear with his gun cocked, ready for action) that your point has been proven again! For the 6,798th time today, somebody is lashing out because of jealousy over how you look and not because of your deluded musings on pages of The Daily Mail.

To insinuate that women would be outraged at Angelina Jolie if she chose to truthfully, honestly and modestly describe herself as "beautiful" is almost as ridiculous as you putting yourself in a league with her. If we, the "venomous" British women are such jealous bitches, who can't bear to appreciate anyone above us on the hot-o-meter, why exactly do we make someone like the (forgive me) talentless but stunningly beautiful Cheryl Cole into a national sweetheart?

I am astonished at how you seem to have managed to overlook solving this dilemma - why do women hate me? - accross your last two articles. By your own admission people you knew at college have "crawled out of the woodwork to criticise" you for "always being like that," women you were close to have taken the "first opportunity" to say that "you had it coming" and "most poignantly of all, not one girlfriend has ever asked [you] to be her bridesmaid."

I find it hard to believe you can think that all of those people made their important emotional decisions based purely on your looks? Perhaps it was more to do with your outdated idea that all women "find nothing more annoying than someone else being the most attractive girl in the room." Does there have to be just one? You're wrong anyway, the most annoying thing for me is two sounds happening at the same time. And when i'm in a room, I appreciate everything attractive around me. There's your answer and all in that one little word! Attractive. Beauty is meant to attract people, not repel them!

The thing about what you've written that's really annoying, is that you seem to genuinely think that any woman who does not immediately jump to compliment your beauty, must be jealous of you. How about wanting women to celebrate your achievements instead? And other than getting ahead in work by flirting at lunch time with your male colleagues (half of whom are no doubt married) what are they exactly? You forgot to mention that in either of your articles, so I don't know what to congratulate you for...

I've got plenty of girlfriends; they are all gorgeous in their own way. Some leggy and blonde, some austere and chic, some with ass and some with titties, some that are funny, some that are clever and some that are incredibly talented, women whom I would never describe as "shorter, heavier and older than me" so you can stuff your "women don't want to hang out with someone more attractive than them" nonsense. Moreover, I often go out of my way to make sure they know how beautiful they are. Weirdly, they do the same for me! And you know what? Some days I'll look at one of them and hate them because they have long legs and I don't but in that same fleeting moment, they're probably wishing they had boobs as big as mine, so it cancels itself out.

That's what "the sisterhood" is all about, real friendships that form an emotional connection that goes deeper than skin. Perhaps if you weren't so utterly concerned with your own appearance, you would have a few more of them yourself.

And sister to sister, some advice, no matter how much they flatter you,never give your keys to strange men that approach you outside the supermarket and ask you if they can park your car.