05/05/2015 13:48 BST | Updated 05/05/2016 06:59 BST

Why Kate Should Not Give a Royal Rat's Ass!

Let's all stop the bullshit shock and horror at the fact that Kate had her hair coiffed, perfect makeup and was wearing heels hours after pushing a Tiny Royal Human out of her body and admit the fact that if she had emerged dressed in a puke covered tracksuit (cashmere or not), hair scraped in a scrunchy (a la Fergie circa 1980's) and looking knackered we would have all been a bit disappointed.

Whether you are a fan of the Royal family or not, you would be hard pushed to not like (not even a little bit) the lovely Duchess of Cambridge and at the very least not be a bit intrigued as to what the new little Royal on the block was like and how Kate would be rocking her new role as mum of two. And she quite literally rocked it. She gave us what we and the baying world press wanted. She emerged looking every bit the gorgeous new mum. She smiled, she waved, she gave the world and their camera the pics they were after. Job done.

And you see that is exactly what everyone is losing sight of. Yes, just hours after giving birth she was having her hair done by the Royal hairdresser, her make up expertly applied and a stylist on hand with an array of beautiful and appropriately press pleasing Jenny Packham dresses. Why? Not because she was trying to make other mums feel inadequate and not because she is superhuman. It's because just hours after having her precious little bundle she had to be back at bloody work! Hell, even having babies and providing an heir to the throne is part of her job as HRH Duchess of Cambridge and future Queen of our country. So let's all just stop with the judgemental bullshit!

Yes Kate may be Royal. Yes, she may have a number of Royal advantages at her finger tips (that the rest of us don't) and yes she did look bloody gorgeous just hours after having her baby, but so the hell what?! She also hours after having her beautiful little baby and going through the challenge of childbirth was, at the same time as worrying about her new bundle and grappling with the first stages of breastfeeding all with raging post birth pain, emotions and hormones, having to be preened and prepped to face the worlds press whilst walking in bloody heels. As a fellow mum of two under two I know exactly which side of the Royal fence I would rather be on hours after having my second baby! The one where I am sat in my comfies, with my bits on ice and my new bundle snuggled up to me safe in the knowledge that the only camera they would be subjected to was that of my over excited hubby! And lets not even start on the post baby visitors she is going to have to contend with or the stress of keeping the rest of her little girls "first times" precious and away from the greedy lenses of the spying media.

I for one commend you Your Royal Hardcore-ness and am currently imagining you sat in Kensington Palace, in your Royal comfies (puke covered or not), snuggling up to your babies and not giving a Royal rats ass!

Here's wishing Kate a HUGE and very down to earth #nobullshitmum congratulations on bringing a beautiful baby girl into the world - YOU ROCK!

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