11/10/2016 10:53 BST | Updated 11/10/2017 06:12 BST

Mental Health Problems: Identify, Accept, Face And Overcome

Mental health problems are considered a taboo even in the most modern societies. Even after all the education and awareness, it is still one of the most frowned upon issues in today's world. In fact, most common nowadays, still it is the least understood subject yet it affects everyone in some or the other ways. Mostly, we tend to ignore or overlook the problem instead of dealing with it. Once we understand the importance why should we deal with it and what might happen if we don't, we can realise how serious the issue can be and why we should not ignore it thinking it is "just a bad mood". I have lost a very dear friend who was suffering from depression and this article is an effort to raise awareness and to make an effort to save precious lives in my own little way. I am not a qualified person and these are my observations that I have experienced in my life which might help someone.

As our life has become fast and lonely, the pressure has increased tremendously. This pressure, in long term, gives rise to the stress related issues in our body and mind. When we become chronically stressed the body starts to show symptoms. Many physical and mental illnesses arise from chronic stress. In my personal observation, there are four steps to deal with any problem. Identify, Accept, Face and Overcome. First step is to identify. Once you identify second step is acceptance. Third step is to face and deal and fourth is to overcome.

Let's start with the first step. Identify the problem. Mostly, we are not able to identify a problem and this is the main reason why some issues are left unnoticed. If there is any visible long lasting change in a person's behaviour we need to seek help. Most problems are easier to resolve if identified at an early stage.

Next step is to accept that you or your family member needs help. Once we accept the problem it is easy to deal with it. I feel lack of acceptance is the major hindrance in dealing with a problem. Most people don't seek help because they don't want to be labelled. Also the fear of "what people may say" can stop people from seeking help. We have to decide what is more important for us. Now let's understand why it is important to deal with it.

Depression is one of the major issues in today's world which is often looked as taboo. It is far too common in today's world than ever before. Loneliness, difficult past, abuse, difficult childhood, high expectations, workload, lack of social support, lack of coping skills, lack of understanding from family, ever changing social parameters and expectations put immense pressure on our mind. We can take pressure to some extent but if the pressure is beyond our capacity to handle, we start to show the symptoms and become victim of mental health issues. Also it has devastating impact on our physical health that is why we cannot afford to ignore.

It is crucial to understand why it is important to address any mental health issues before it gets out of control. It is very important to understand that it is not just a bad mood but it is something bigger and needs to be addressed; just like you would treat any abnormality in your body, your mind also needs attention when it is troubled. Any untreated mental health problem can even lead to suicide which is quite common nowadays; especially in children and adolescents and that is why we cannot afford to ignore. It can hamper confidence, health, happiness, quality of life, social life, personal life and overall feeling of well-being. Aren't these reason enough to understand how important it is?

When we understand why it is so important, we can start acting on the issue and deal with it by facing it bravely. Also, sometimes the cure can be very simple and may not even take long time to treat. I have seen people who were once visibly shattered have freed themselves from their problems and now live happy and successful life after they seek help. In my observation, the most sensitive, innocent, intellectual and kind people often fall victim of the illness.

If you suspect that you or your family member has any issues, you need to seek advice. The problem is not the person or the illness but the stigma attached to it. We need to address it and it can easily be done with so many options available nowadays. If you feel any problem that lasts for a long time and does not go away, it is time to address it. Just like we cannot ignore the dust by sweeping under the carpet we cannot shrug off a problem without addressing it. Our main focus/target/purpose of life is happiness. Isn't it? So anything that makes you unhappy for a long time is not normal. We all have enough power in our soul to overcome any problems that comes in our life but sometimes we just need little push and help. Don't just give up. Accept, face, stand up, seek help, overcome and be happy.