06/11/2012 12:55 GMT | Updated 06/01/2013 05:12 GMT

Ann Romney Raisin the Battlelines

I don't know whether Ann Romney has ever been to Wales but here in God's Country as we like to call it, we hadn't really heard of her. Not until she started baking Welsh cakes and claiming them as her own.

Let's just set the record straight before we go any further. Welsh cakes are not a new invention. Oh no. They have been around for hundreds of years. They were traditionally made by the lady of the house as a treat to serve at afternoon tea. They were also given to children with their school lunches. Filling and tasty, Welsh cakes became popular with the black-faced miners who would descend into the bowels of the Welsh hills to rape it of its coal.

Imagine a cross between a scone and a cookie, with some sultanas and a dusting of sugar on them. Well done. You've got yourself a Welsh cake.

So back to Ann Romney. Mrs Romney seems very proud of her Welsh heritage. Ann's father Edward was from Caerau (pronounced Kai-ruh). He left Wales in the 1940s for Michigan where he made a name and a lot of money for himself. He was not a religious man, despite being raised within the Welsh chapel movement. Word has it that both Ann and Mitt Romney, both Mormons, baptised Edward in the Mormon tradition on his behalf, months AFTER Edward's death.

Very considerate of them don't you think?

So what are Ann's plans for the humble Welsh cake - that symbol of the understated, the unpretentious and the plain? Is there are darker side to all this cooking?

Well she certainly seems to have hijacked the little blighters for her husband's political gain. Her recent appearance on Good Morning America seems to have raised suspicions here in Wales that our little floury friends are being used merely as pawns in this great election battle.

Eyebrows were raised only a few months ago, when she was handing out Welsh cakes on a campaign trail flight. A Welsh journalist who was on the flight, took a few bites from Mrs Romney's cakes and wasn't too impressed. The cleaners would have found it, half-chewed, wrapped in a napkin and stuffed down the side of the seat.

It remains yet to be seen where the Welsh cakes will make another appearance as the campaign draws to its dazzling finale. There have been rumours, and they are just rumours at the moment, that Ann Romney will be dressed as a Welsh cake on Election Night. She'll be there, telling the world how her grandparents showed her how to make Welsh cakes, and how she wants to continue the tradition to her children and so on and so forth. And how thrilled America will all be.

But here in Wales, we're all a bit bored by it all, and even a little bit annoyed. Why us Ann, why? Why did you have to pick on us? Why our cakes? From a land where working-class is the way of life for most, we don't want our cuisine linked to right-wing rationale.

As we would say here in Wales, "Welsh cakes won't win you an election love."

PS. Wales? That's in England right?