01/08/2013 12:20 BST | Updated 30/09/2013 06:12 BST

New Identity Design for Architectural Photographer Andy Spain

Architectural photographer Andy Spain was aware that there were inconsistencies in his personal branding and presentation from his business cards and invoices through to his website, blog and twitter avatar.

Andy said "I've been in business for 8 years now and decided it was time I had a logo and brand to run alongside all the material I produce. I commissioned art director and designer Patrick Myles to come up with some ideas. After a few meetings and many an hour discussing my likes and dislikes Patrick came up with a new logo and graphic styling that answered my brief."


The design of the logo is based on stencil letter forms that have an industrial and architectural quality appropriate for the area of photography that Andy specialises in. A circle intended as a graphic reference to a camera lens or aperture has replaced the crossbar of the letter. It has been designed to be versatile enough to work equally well in print and online, as well as lending itself to be embossed on portfolio covers and presentation boxes in a variety of materials.


iPad screensaver

As well as working as a simple mono logo on Andy's new letterheads and invoices, I designed a series of double sided business cards using the underscore as a consistent graphic device with the type set in National and in caps for the photographer's title. On the reverse side I have introduced the new logo like a photographer's 'watermark' over examples of Andy's architectural and interior images. The cards have been printed on triple thick board with two white sheets either side of a black sheet in the centre. The design has also been applied in the same way on the opening image of Andy's online portfolio. The logo will always remain in the same position but the image will alternate as the site is regularly updated.


Selection of business cards

"The logo has been carefully designed to be used as my twitter icon and across all my other social networking pages, as well as screen savers from iPhone to iMac. Patrick also chose a font to standardise the text styles across all my promotional material." Andy Spain.