09/12/2013 08:57 GMT | Updated 07/02/2014 05:59 GMT

My Ode to the Jacket....

I've a little confession to make... I am in love with jackets. There I said it. No going back now. Having just counted 35 in my wardrobe I thought I'd get rid of a few, you know, make a bit of room. On top of what I call my 'tailored jackets', there's my 8 winter coats, 4 fur jackets, 3 fur gilets, 6 leather jacket of varying styles (trench, biker, blazer, parka), a couple of puffa's, 3 vintage capes, 2 trench coats and a vintage pea coat.....

Being that I am the woman of much recycling (yes this is true, I own a consignment boutique...), it appears I am also a bit of an outer wear addict. Having tried on all my jackets and coats to try and whittle them down to a nice round number - like, say, twenty - I just couldn't seem to say ta-ra to anything. They all had little pieces of them that made them so individual from the others.

For instance, I appear to have 3 black tuxedo jackets. One is cropped, one has a built in waistcoat and the other has stunning buttons so I couldn't move any of them on! What if I needed them? I could end up with a tux-emergency!!! They are so hard to find in the shops.

And take my winter coats.....some are warmer than others, some require heels, some are mega glam, others are dog walkers, snow wearers or for visual fashion only (ie; not warm). I have something for every occasion. Tsk, I just need another wardrobe, no? I can't rid of any of these jacket babies so here's my top favourites that any fashionista shouldn't be without in their outerwear wardrobe.

  • Never too TUX - in black. Get one.
  • Shake your BOUCLE. Fabulous to smarten jeans, cute over your LBD.
  • PARKAlife - in khaki. You can get sequin and studded ones too. A great dress down look.
  • The Edge of DENIM. The ultimate jacket in my mind. Wear with a maxi dress, cocktail dress, over a breton tee, over a white get the picture.
  • BLAZER of Glory - navy is a must. Pay attention to the buttons and get one with razor sharp edges - so wearable how ever old you are.
  • I'm your BIKER tonight. And in super soft leather preferably.
  • FUR your eyes only. Faux or vintage fur, luxe and warm, a wardrobe glam-fest.
  • PEPLUM Rain. Great for shape and a lot of fun. Just keep your bottom half stream-line.

So you get the idea gals. You don't have to spend a fortune but the better quality fabric and tailoring, the longer they will last. Check out vintage shops, dress agencies and second hand shops if you want the designer look without giving your credit card a heart attack.....