05/03/2014 07:05 GMT | Updated 04/05/2014 06:59 BST

Fun and Games on the Move - How to Encourage Eco Behavior Change at the Touch of a Smart Phone


So, you've had your fill of the frustrating, money-burning addiction that is Candy Crush, and you missed your chance to download Flappy Birds before it flapped off, so how on earth do you pass the time on the daily commute now?

And are you crying out for a casual game that actually goes some way to teaching you something new you while you play, hence appeasing the nagging guilt you feel for wasting so much time on your phone?

Well, look no further, we have the perfect, eco-friendly gaming solution for you, and it is something that will educate, as well as entertain, you. And it's free! Yes, totally free, free to download, absolutely no 'In-App Purchases', and no adverts either.

We back at eco Trump Towers are on a mission, a mission to show people that it can be fun to save the planet, it doesn't all have to be doom & gloom and 'misery messaging' about what a mess we have made of the world. Instead if we can show people, in a fun and positive way, that they CAN make a difference, then what's to stop them taking action?

We spent 2013 putting on free eco action pop-up 'playground' events (see my earlier Huff post here for details) and collecting evidence and data that this games-centric approach to environmental behavior change works, you can read the research report here. We have already shown over 1000 people how they can take action to help the planet and save an average of a tonne of carbon emissions each - as well as money on thier utility bills! And now, in 2014, we have finally entered the age of digital!

To celebrate Climate Week 2014 in the UK we are launching our first casual game App. We have taken the traditional, old-style top trump style game and given it a 21st century eco make-over, digitising it and adding some fun new features. It's not only an addictive, simple game to pass the time; it also houses a clever behavioural change tool that encourages players to take action based on the 'cards' in the pack, showing them just how much they can save, via their own, personal 'eco action dashboard'.

It's simplicity itself to master. Once you have set up your own eco avatar, you browse the eco actions to see which ones you already do, or would like to adopt. You then choose them for your own 'actions dashboard' and marvel at all the energy, carbon emissions, resources and money you will save!

You then take on one of three online opponents in a choice of two trump style games. After challenging them to 'eco duels' you can check how you rate on the Leader board.

Although our main product lines stay resolutely real and 3D - we are still committed to get people away from their computers and playing social games together - people had been asking us for some time when we were going to digitise our games, so now we have! It will expand the reach of our games immensely.

Our main objective with this App is to keep the game completely free to use, with absolutely no In-App Purchases which we believe to be a real pernicious downside to online gaming. We want to unlock more eco themed packs, to achieve this we are talking to sponsors to help us develop new themed packs and to expand to Android and Windows.

New eco themed packs will include: water saving, free to do behavioural actions, energy saving, waste & recycling, office related actions and even an eco-parenting theme.


So, if you have an Apple device - iPhone, iPad or Ipod touch, please download it and give it a go. We'd love to hear what you think. Simply go to the iTunes App store and search: eco action trumps.

If you are on Android or Windows, don't be disheartened, they will be coming soon.