15/11/2012 10:49 GMT | Updated 15/01/2013 05:12 GMT

I Am Kloot

Good Morning. Been hard at it, as I am sure you can imagine.

Rehearsing for a handful of shows at which we will be hinting at our new album. Seven or eight new tunes will be played if the truth be told amongst other things as part of what will hopefully turn out to be a rewarding set. It has been very enjoyable trying to remember what we played on the recordings. Leading up to rehearsals there was a feeling of dread pervading which soon disappeared as soon as we struck a bat.

Signed 500 limited edition seven inchers this morning. I felt very like Muhammad Ali. He used to sign 1000 photos of himself every morning before breakfast and dispatch them forth quipping, "Yeah, I was pretty", safe in the knowledge that the bills were covered for the day. Now I think everyone in the world has a signed picture of Ali and new forms of commerce are


My old friend Shcrimonti often exhumes the tale of whilst gainfully employed tour managing David Gray through the states he got stuck in a joke shop on sunset strip behind a large chap procrastinating over which fake turd to buy his daughter. On hearing Schrimonti tutting too British, the large chap turned around to face him, swiftly stifling the protest by revealing himself to be, "the greatest of all time".

Muski our Norwegian tree cat has arisen from her new nocturnal dwelling place of recent choice; the sink and is trying now to sit on my endeavour. I love this attention grabbing sod more than life itself. She's a lady no doubt. Beautiful, mysterious, intoxicating. A fussy eating, fur lining, low riding, two tone creature feature IN AN OPEN SPACE! More about the beast anon, sadly away now to sate her pangs, As should we all.

See you down the shops xXx

I Am Kloot