14/10/2015 08:16 BST | Updated 13/10/2016 06:12 BST

Don't Wait, Create Now!


I don't know where to start with this.. But I'm not alone. I've heard many people who don't consider themselves "artists" say, "I wish I could draw/write/think like that". What they don't realise, is that it doesn't come so easily to most. In fact it can be painful knowing you're capable of creativity, yet a blank slate of ideas. The key is to just jump in and start creating without too much conscious thought. How many times have you sat with a blank piece of paper thinking strenuously about what to draw or write and eventually turn away to go get a bite to eat or watch tv.

Passive engagement is such an easy route, because you're still doing something yet nothing productive. It's a nice way to relax once in a while, but not to live. Instead of trying to think and force ideas, just begin to draw. The sketch takes form if you just continue putting pencil to paper. The same goes of writing. A blank screen is incredibly daunting. Just start typing.

There are a few elements of creativity that should be considered:

1. Mistakes

If you make a mistake, you can change it. If you fuck up badly enough, you can start again.

2. Judgement

If some people don't like what you've created, why does it matter? Do you like it? If yes, it's not a worry. It's a guarantee that if you like it, others will too.

3. Learning

At the end of the day, if it really does suck.. And a lot of things do, then What's the worst that happens? You don't even need to show anyone. Just rip it up and take it as a learning experience. You will succeed.

4. Success

Success is difficult to be measured in the creative world sometimes. Unless you are a a well known highly paid artist/writer etc, you need to be prepared for people not to care about your work. The key is for you to care. Positive responses will follow naturally from here.

It's time to take your creative dreams and turn them in to reality. Life is too short. You've picked up the pen, now it's time to throw down some ink.