The prime minister says awarding new exploration licenses will cut bills and make the UK less reliant on imported fuel.
Liz Cheney's new book contains a stunning detail about McCarthy's widely panned trip to Florida.
Lisa Wilkinson said she was "devastated" for letting down the thousands who worked for the shop chain.
The secretary of state also apologised for government mistakes during the pandemic.
Diplomatic row over cancelled meeting between Rishi Sunak and Greek prime minister escalates.
The UK has quite the reputation when it comes to holding onto goods taken from elsewhere.
Andrew Bailey said the outlook was among the worst he had ever seen.
“This is what authoritarians do. This is what fascists do," said Michael Beschloss, who explained why the former US president must be taken at his word.
In a Succession reference, one person said it was like having the UK run by Kendall Roy.
“We are dealing here with an utterly clear political project to push aside democracy," Anne Hidalgo wrote.