The government has updated its coronavirus travel advice.
Official figures published on Friday suggest England's R rate is between 0.8 and 1.0.
Huge triumph for Boris Johnson means Keir Starmer needs to change and change fast.
The Tories take the one-time Labour stronghold with a 16% swing in blow for Keir Starmer.
Keir Starmer will "take responsibility" for the result.
Starmer’s silence on the skirmish speaks volumes.
Pirates and muskets, as Boris Johnson sent gunboats to the Channel island.
“The UK’s world-leading status in music and the arts is placed in serious jeopardy by these cuts,” says union.
HMS Severn and HMS Tamar have been deployed to “monitor the situation” at the Channel Island.
“I'm surprised and disappointed,” Tory MP Tom Randall said.