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Mint Choc Chip Super Green Smoothie

Mint Choc Chip Super Green Smoothie #vegan #healthy #giveaway

It can be difficult to wake on a cold morning to an icy smoothie. But there really is no comparison in what start to the day makes me feel refreshed, full of energy and vibrant. Sure, sometimes I crave hot toast, or weekend pancakes or a veggie sausage sandwich, but I'll be more likely to have a mid-morning crash and reach for the cookie jar than if I start with a smoothie.

Mint Choc Chip Super Green Smoothie #vegan #healthy #giveaway

I tend to skip the ice in smoothies in cold weather. If I'm using frozen fruit then I often skip the ice anyway, but the idea at this time of year is to make it more appealing and easier to swallow whilst layered up and shivering by the fire.

The other way I do this is to ensure I make really yummy smoothies with flavour combinations that I love and look forward to. Green smoothies don't have to taste like grass, they can be sweet, fruity, nutty, creamy, vanillary, chocolatey and more whilst still delivering an abundance of nutrients, fibre and healthy calories.

Mint Choc Chip Super Green Smoothie #vegan #healthy #giveaway

This smoothie is like dessert for breakfast or any time of day. I have fond memories of big glorious cones of mint choc chip ice cream at the swimming pool as a child, and this smoothie takes me right back there, but without the sugar, calories and fat that ice cream would!

You can skip the cacao nibs altogether if you prefer, or use dark chocolate chips or add cocoa powder right into the smoothie to make a uniform mint chocolate smoothie. You could even do all three and still call it healthy!


I use a Super Greens powder in this smoothie for the optimum range of nutritional benefits, but you can really use any green powder you wish or even leave it out if you don't have any. If so, you could increase the spinach if you still want to cram extra nutrition into your smoothie. I love to have a range of green and/or protein powders on hand, like wheatgrass, spirulina and hemp. You could also add chia seeds, flax seeds or rice protein. The possibilities are endless.

Green powders are not just to add them to smoothies, dilute and take as a shot, add to veg capsules and swallow, even add to your pasta sauce, soups and baked goods. These powders are so versatile and so full of goodness.

Ingredients: serves 1

• 1 large banana (or 2 small)

• 1 cup spinach

• 1/2 cup mint leaves

• 1/2 cup almond milk

• 1/2 cup ice

• 1/4 tsp vanilla extract

• 1 tsp SuperGreens Powder

• 2 drops mint, vanilla or plain stevia liquid (or to taste)

• 1 tsp cacao nibs (raw chocolate coated or plain)


1. Blend ingredients except the cacao nibs in a high speed blender until smooth, add the nibs and gently pulse to combine and break into smaller pieces.

2. Serve and smile. 2016-01-19 13-42-31

This recipe first appeared on Bunny Kitchen.