22/01/2012 15:00 GMT | Updated 23/03/2012 05:12 GMT

The Perfect Body?

Loving your body, be you man or woman, should be intrinsic. Loving your body shouldn't be split by those who have the perfect curves and those who don't. Take note Ulrika Jonsson.

Following New Look's lingerie campaign featuring the 'perfectly' sized and shaped Kelly Brooke, the actress/ model said that all women should love their bodies and should avoid plastic surgery.

Jonsson retaliated (if that's even possible) by writing a column in the Sun raising the issue that some women need to have surgery because they aren't perfectly shaped like she is.

Her argument is that after having four kids and hitting a certain age, her boobs sagged and her stomach bulged. So she wanted to replace her "'fun bags'".

I have a few issues with this.

Firstly, why on earth would you try to denounce someone that is trying to make women feel good about themselves as they are without the need for products and surgery?

Secondly, Mother Nature has made us the way we are and we should embrace that. If we get saggy tits, so what?! There is something truly wrong about paying someone to slice you apart and change your appearance when there is nothing wrong with you in the first place.

Thirdly, and this is my main point, women have been made to feel lowly of themselves because beauty companies, advertising and the media sell them the notion that they are not perfect without the next beauty product or surgery to improve them and make them into an ideal. Without consumerism and capitalism we wouldn't think these things. It's only an idea that has been sold to us. Yet this idea has been so ingrained in our society, people actually believe it to be true. Hence Jonsson's outburst. What is the perfect body after all?

Jonsson has entirely missed this point. But it is worrying that women like her feel so insecure. And it is only because she has fallen for this beauty myth. I am the first one to admit that I love make-up. But I know on what grounds it has sold to me, and I am fully aware of why I am using it.

But this has to change. Yet it won't if people like Jonsson attack women because they themselves feel inferior. Where's the sisterhood in that?!