16/03/2017 09:17 GMT | Updated 17/03/2018 05:12 GMT

Does It Really Matter What My Eyebrows Look Like?

My friend's little sister spends over an hour every morning doing her eyebrows. Apparently, it is an art form- they have to be plucked, shaped and filled... I personally can not be bothered. Why do people spend this length of time on eyebrows? To please a society that tells us the way we look is important? That people with nicer eyebrows get the hot guy, the fancy job and the most likes? What it fails to remind us is that some of the most successful models, the most beautiful people in the world, who millions of girls look up to leave their brows natural.

I am a people pleaser myself, although I don't spend that long on my eyebrows. My specialist subjects include worrying what others think of me and trying to impress strangers on Instagram with my 'cool' pictures (even using that word makes me not cool). I find it almost impossible to make decisions that involve other people- the classic 'where shall we go to eat' is a nightmare- as long as the other people are happy I am fine to just tag along. The worst is when someone knocks into me in the street or pushes in front of me in a queue, I find myself rushing to apologise. I've even said sorry to an automatic door before as it closed on me.

I am in good company though, Beyoncé admitted that she tries to make everyone around her happy (which I think she does a pretty good job with) and closer to home, my own mum and nana both rush around trying to solve everyone else's problems. They help others, putting their own feelings and well-being much further down in their priorities.

Trapped between the demands of family, a career, travelling and socialising, it can sometimes get overwhelming trying to prioritise and I am surely not the only one who leaves my own needs towards the bottom of the pile, but you can't please everyone all the time. Social media has not helped either, we now assess our self worth with the number of likes we get and when someone unfollows you, even if you don't even know them, you take it personally, thinking the quality of your content must not be good enough.

It's not always a bad thing though to try and please others. Research from University of Oxford suggests that being kind to other people makes you a happier person and I agree. If you have the opportunity to make someone else happy, you should do it.

I do not think that I will ever stop being a people pleaser, but I think we all need to try and put our energy into pleasing the right people. I want to make my family proud, my friends laugh and I want to show the people who have ever taken a chance on me that they were right to do so. These are the people in my life who don't care what my eyebrows look like.