29/08/2014 12:45 BST | Updated 29/10/2014 05:59 GMT

Why Kellie Maloney Should Never Have Entered the 'Celebrity Big Brother' House

Just over a week ago, a selection of celebs headed into the Big Brother house, among them was Kellie Maloney, a former boxing promoter who once stood for Mayor as a UKIP candidate.

More recently, Kellie hit the headlines for other reasons entirely, when it was revealed that she wanted to be known publicly as Kellie, after years in the spotlight, living as a male. Let's get this out of the way first - I have absolutely no problem with this.

However, Kellie's decision to enter the 'CBB' house at, what seems to be, such an emotional and testing time is something I can't get behind. In going into the house, Kellie seems to have overlooked, or maybe even neglected, that her transition is so much more than a physical change. Her emotional and mental well-being is vitally important too.

While I initially commended Kellie as she shakily made her way up the steps and into the house, admiring her bravery and confidence as many of her fellow housemates have, as the days have gone on, it's become more and more obvious that she shouldn't be in the 'BB' bungalow.

Kellie's been open about her public declaration of her new identity, admitting she was pushed to speak to the media after a journalist discovered "the story" - so why has she chosen to continue being in front of the cameras, when it's plainly obvious to viewers that she still has a number of personal, emotional issues to work through?

After telling her story to a Sunday paper, Kellie would have been well within her rights to continue her life behind closed doors, returning as a public figure only when she felt comfortable to do so.

Obviously, what we at home see on 'CBB' is dictated by producers and there are hours of footage left on the cutting room floor. But almost every time Kellie appears on screen, she's discussing an aspect of her transition with another housemate and carefully considering and evaluating her own choices.

My issue isn't that these discussions shouldn't be taking place, it's just that the 'CBB' house isn't the place to do it. As lovely they are, White Dee and Edele from B*Witched aren't the people Kellie needs to talk through her thoughts with right now.

So far, we've seen Kellie involved in just a couple spats and Audley Harrison's comment that he feels "uncomfortable" around Kellie has rightly been questioned. After years in the boxing world, Kellie and Audley have met and worked together a number of times, which left Audley struggling for words when he met Kellie for the first time in the house. This situation, an encounter with someone who knew her before her transition, is one Kellie is going to face countless times in the coming months but it's not one that she should have to deal with on live TV on a Monday night.

Another spat saw Kellie storm out after being named the 'Least Entertaining Housemate', complaining that she's not there to be entertaining. Sorry Kellie - but this is 'CBB', an entertainment show, being broadcast on Channel 5. Entertainment is the whole point.

The 'CBB' house is where you go to kickstart your career, dish the dirt on a terrible ex or even just to top up your bank balance. It's for washed-up B-listers, eccentric characters and reality TV stars with too much to say - not somewhere to contemplate your personal life in between tasks and face-to-face nominations. It's not about personal growth - despite what the producers may have told you.