27/05/2014 07:56 BST | Updated 25/07/2014 06:59 BST

Collagen - the Latest Beauty Must?

To celebrate the fourth birthday of my online fashion magazine; we're hosting our first ever beauty awards. Which is rather exciting. It's been really interesting to see which brands are putting themselves up for the awards and also to see the ingredients that are in these products. I'm talking bee venom, venom from the temple viper as well as lots of peptides, collagen, oxygen, vitamin K.... the list goes on.

What really interests me is the products with collagen in. Collagen is the main component in connective tissue and is responsible for skins strength and elasticity. As we all know, as the years pass we tend to get wrinkles and our skin is less firm; this is because the collagen production slows down. Many beauty products encourage the production of collagen in skin cells, but with Regenerating Collagen Gel, Resultime by Collin has taken the process one step further, using Micro-Collagen - a pentapeptide which is 'Vectorised' to help it move to the skin's basal level where it kick starts collagen-producing cells. Ok I promise that is the end of the science lesson. Let's just say it's a great product. I wear it as a base before moisturising in the morning. If my skin is feeling a little dry, I pop a bit on. Plus its a great "save the day" product - after a Spring time wedding where we were lucky enough to be outside most of the day, I got a little sunburn. I didn't have any body moisturiser to ease and soothe, so the Regenerating Collagen Gel saved the day. Just a little, it goes a long way.. but it really did help soothe the burn and regenerate the cells. A perfect solution.

Collagen is found in a whole host of products at the moment. It's all about regenerating your epidermis, plumping and hydrating the skin and it's never too early to start using it. Elemis the brand behind the products used by 5.7 million spa visitors every year have their own Pro-Collagen Marine Cream. It actually isn't a new product, it hails from the brands early years. Which just shows the benefits of collagen have been known for years. Their Marine Cream took off through word of mouth and is one of the go-to anti-ageing cream for British women and one of the best overall moisturisers on the market.

If you want to take it a step further how about a Collagen Shot? Yes it does all sound a little LA doesn't it but this has been hailed as 'the hottest beauty trend of 2014' by The Times. Rejuvenated Ltd.'s Collagen Shots is an anti-ageing cocktail, brimming with skin-firming marine extract collagen, alongside antioxidant Acai berry and vitamins B and C. This product is all about the skin benefitting from the inside out, with one shot taken every day to dramatically if not gradually improve the appearance of skin's tone and texture. I'm not sure about it, this seems like the ultimate in beauty elixirs.. but is it a step too far?

Collagen synthesis starts to slow down at around age 25, so make sure you are using a product that is containing collagen, start to beat the signs of ageing early without anything too drastic.