09/06/2016 12:32 BST | Updated 10/06/2017 06:12 BST

I Know It's a Lot to Handle, But Sometimes Women Don't Wear Bras

We may as well all go back to secondary school because it seems all anyone wants to talk about this week is boobs - specifically, when boobs aren't neatly packed inside bras.

On Monday the Daily Mail sparked controversy when it told its readers Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams had decided to go "braless" to a fundraising event.

Then, just two days later, the same publication posted an article calling out Little Mix singer Leigh-Anne Pinnock for ditching her bra on the red carpet.

Meanwhile The Mirror posted a bizarre roundup of celebs making "a boob of themselves" at The Glamour Awards, highlighting that Susan Sarandon had (you guessed it) gone without a bra.

Let's just get one thing straight: going braless is not newsworthy. Sometimes, women just don't wear bras.

Sometimes, we choose not to wear bras because no bra would ever work with our outfit.

When you've opted for a plunging neckline à la Leigh-Anne or a sheer number like Maisie, a bra is just going to get in the way of your fabulousness - and no underwear is worth that.

Other times, we ditch our bras because they're just plain uncomfortable.

No man will ever understand the satisfaction you get when you take off your bra after a long day at work. I rarely wait until bedtime to experience this utter euphoria and take my bra off the second I walk through the door.

I'll often throw on a jumper and head to the supermarket without a bra. It's not because I'm an uber feminist who sees bras as the ultimate sign of the patriarchy and it's certainly not because I'm trying to be sexy.

It's because walking out the house without wearing a bra really isn't a big deal.

As Maisie Williams so perfectly pointed out, the media should be focussing on the achievements of women in the public eye, not scrutinising their (lack of) underwear.

Maisie has helped raise thousands of pounds for NSPCC, alongside managing her busy schedule as a star on HBO's most popular TV show of all time.

Leigh-Anne is part of one of the biggest girl bands in the world, while Susan has won an Academy Award and a BAFTA.

Focussing on these ladies' chests is not only puerile, it's a sign that good old-fashioned objectification is alive and well.

While the media continue to think a braless woman is not only news-worthy but headline-worthy, the rest of the world isn't going to chill out about a few loose bosoms.

In (yet another) boob-related story this week, students in America staged a braless protest after a teacher reportedly chastised a pupil for not wearing a bra under her black, non-transparent top.

As the pupil, Kaitlyn Juvik, said at the time "as long as nothing is showing and you're covered up, girls should not have to wear a bra".

Although this week's news has been particularly boob-heavy, unfortunately these stories do the rounds all year.

But ladies, if you love a bra-free day as much as me, do not let these articles put your off from letting your boobs hang free. You do not have to ruin a good outfit with unnecessary underwear and you do not have to wear a bra if it feels uncomfortable.

Most importantly, you do not have to justify your decision to go braless to anyone.

Sometimes, women just don't wear bras.