29/12/2016 06:57 GMT | Updated 30/12/2017 05:12 GMT

2017 Year Of The MAGS!

Whilst thinking In the shower this morning (as you do!) I have started my day with 'umph'! I am busy with two different projects and a new job to start.

I love being busy, I also love it when I don't have period pain, I am not having mood swings (as does my hubby I am sure!), and I don't feel hot and flushed due to oncoming menopause. I feel like I have to try and get so much done who knows what tomorrow will flushes could be back then!

Lets' face it, hot flushes, period pain and mood swings are NOT conducive to getting stuff done!

The jury seems to be out on whether or not to take hormones for menopause. I have tried to research this, but some say take them, others say is just makes things worse!

There seems to be two different types of Hormone Therapy (HT)

• ET means estrogen-only therapy. Estrogen is the hormone that provides the most menopausal symptom relief. ET is prescribed for women without a uterus due to a hysterectomy.

• EPT means combined estrogen plus progestogen therapy. Progestogen is added to ET to protect women with a uterus against uterine (endometrial) cancer from estrogen alone.

There seems to be benefits and risks...I am not sure whether I will jump in at any point and take them. It seems to be there still needs to be a great deal more research before I would even consider taking any hormones.

Unless something else drastic happens...I am sure I can cope with hot flushes and the rest of the symptoms without having to take anything (although, hubby might have a different outlook on the mood swing situation!)

I know each and every woman is different. Some women have more drastic reactions, and others show no symptoms at all of menopause. I expect it is the same as periods...some women has such drastic period pain that they can't even go to work on the first few days of their period...nightmare!

Natural therapies can sometimes have good results, but I am not sure which ones are just scams, and which ones would actually work! It's hard to tell nowadays! I know not to believe everything I see on the internet!

So, I am going to spend the next year ensuring my projects work. I am not going to take no for an answer. I am not going to let society tell me I cannot do something just because I am middle aged, and I am definitely not going to let my self esteem drop or become disillusioned with my body image.

Yes, I am getting older. Yes, everything seems to be heading south. Yes, I have more wrinkles. But all of that does not change who I am inside. I am going to let the world know that middle aged women are wonderful and an asset to society as a whole!

2017 - I am declaring it the Year of the MAGS! Yes, we can have what we want. We can deal with our bodies changing and we can definitely deal with menopause (lets' face it, it doesn't go on as long as that is DEFINITELY something to celebrate!)

As a middle aged girl - I know who I am, and I am not afraid of so many things anymore! I am not going to allow oncoming menopause to ruin what I think will be a GREAT year!

So, 2017....YEAR OF THE MAGS! Watch out everyone!! We are here and we are wonderful!

Mags xxx

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