04/05/2012 13:22 BST | Updated 04/07/2012 06:12 BST

5 Reasons Why The Galaxy S3 Beats The HTC One X

The HTC One X has lived a short life as the King of Android phones. We all expected the S3 to be similar but we also expected Samsung to go that extra mile and it seems they've done just that.

Hardware wise, they aren't that different. The S3 has a slightly bigger screen and the phone is slightly longer and wider. Amazingly the S3 is thinner than the One X.

I've just recently bought a One X and although I don't regret not holding out for the Galaxy, I can see that it's clearly the better phone of the two and here's why:


While the HTC has more internal memory at 32GB, the S3 comes with 16GB of internal storage, a memory card slot as well as 50GB of free storage with DropBox.

The HTC doesn't have a memory card slot and 'only' comes with 25GB of free DropBox space.

Although the memory in the One X is enough for most people, an expandable memory is always a good thing to have.

Samsung's Own Siri

Samsung have added their own version of Siri onto the S3 and called it 'S-Voice'. Although there are a few apps available in the Play Store that can do similar things to Siri, the One X doesn't come with anything similar as standard.

Impressive Extras

Samsung have gone the extra mile and added a couple of features that I really like. The first is the pop up display. This allows you to watch a video in a pop up window while performing other tasks on the phone like texting or browsing the web. Very cool!

The other much needed feature is 'Smart Stay'. How many times have you tried to read a long article on your phone only to find the screen keeps dimming? Smart Stay solves this by keeping the screen lit when you're looking it! These are just two examples of some of the cool things the S3 can do.

Access to the Battery

You get access to the battery on the Samsung while you can't on the HTC. A batteries performance can decrease over the lifetime of the phone so simply being able to take the back cover off and replace it is more convenient.


HTC have been beaten at their own camera game. A big selling point of the HTC One series was the cool stuff you could do with its cameras interface. You can easily take bursts of photos and can take photos while recoding HD video at the same time.

Samsung have matched and beaten the HTC in this department by offering the same cool features plus a "best photo" feature and some cool social elements. The best photo feature takes a burst of 8 photos and shows you the one it thinks is best.

The S3 can also recognise your friends faces and give you the option to instantly email them photos of themselves!

Some people might prefer HTC's Sense interface to Samsung's TouchWiz and the HTC is build with more quality materials than the S3 but it's pretty clear that Samsung have surpassed HTC on this occasion.

The S3 is expected to be in stores on the 30th of of May and is already available for pre-order. You can learn more about what kind of price to expect here.