01/12/2015 10:09 GMT | Updated 01/12/2016 05:12 GMT

Simplify Your Life! 20 Items to Ditch This Holiday Season!

Please, put down that home-made holiday wrapping paper and join the revolution! What else can we ditch this holiday season?

I'm 45 years old now. Three kids, travelling husband, house to manage, work to do, articles to write, dentist appointments to book ... you get it. All around me are crazy people (mostly women I might add!) trying to manage everyday life PLUS the holidays as an added bonus.

What's with the pressure we put upon ourselves? I feel like I'm finally old enough to say (and believe): "Stop the madness!" We should be celebrating love, family, our health, our lives. We should be feeling grateful for all the really important things, not the silly ones that will be totally forgotten come January 1st. How short-sighted can we be?

So, let's get over some of the more ridiculous "to-do" items we force ourselves to add onto our already packed list this month! I've got 20 ideas to get us started. What would you add? Please put in the comments (cause we're all going to benefit if this list gets to 100!). Let's start a revolution here people!

1. Holiday cards: Send an email. Make it pretty if you'd like.

2. Family portrait: We share hundreds of photos already via social media. Sooo 20th century.

3. Outdoor lights: Put your Christmas tree in front of a window and light it up every night. Voila!

4. Homemade teacher gifts: Get together with other parents and offer a gift certificate.

5. Endless batches of cookies: As if we need any more daily calorie excesses. Make a batch or two only for the actual holiday (not month) you celebrate.

6. Holiday outfits: We hereby allow you to wear something you already own in your closet! Accessorize with some pizzaz.

7. Resolutions: Here we have one that works wonders for everyone - "Take care of my mind, body and soul so that I feel great and have a fulfilling year." You don't have to change it ever again!

8. Dieting: Do like the French and eat well when the food is good, and eat lighter the following day. Really not complicated.

9. Cloth napkins: Today you can find great quality beautiful "paper" napkins. If you're having 20 people over for dinner or cocktail parties, it's a no brainer!

10. Cute holiday themed food items: We said "don't diet" but we didn't mean eat every reindeer cupcake and snowman cookie in sight either.

11. Excessive amounts of gifts for children: Well, this is a whole blog post in the making, but we say the "one present rule" is the best! More on that another time!

12. Shopping in December: Just don't do it. Unless it's online. And necessary. See number 11.

13. Holiday themed clothing: We're not even going to justify this one.

14. Holiday themed linens: Okay maybe one item if you ditched number 13.

15. Accepting every darn holiday invitation: Between schools, friends, offices, charities and more, invitations can abound. Say "no" or "no, thanks, so sorry I would love to but I can't." Whatever works.

16. Going into charitable debt: You can't help out every charity who asks for help. Choose one and write a check.

17. Excessive house cleaning: Aunt Clara does not give a flying @$&#&%$ how much dust you imagine she might see. Get over yourself. Guests just want a drink and to relax.

18. Buying Christmas ornaments: Hello? Read number 3 and forget the rest! Spare yourself the time, energy, space and money.

19. Complicated cocktails and hors d'oeuvres: Do like the French and serve a great champagne with delicious olives. Basta! You're going to be eating all month long!

20. Staying up late doing any of the above: Sleeping is the most underrated fitness and beauty routine ever. Ditch the need to get a facial, your hair done, your nails, toenails, waxing, etc. You will look radiant as heck if you catch some regular zzzzz's this month!

What else would you add to the list??? Leave in comments below!