02/05/2017 12:56 BST | Updated 02/05/2017 12:56 BST

So Close To Victory - Klitschko Deserves The Rematch With Joshua

Reuters Staff / Reuters

Anthony Joshua was given a boxing lesson for the majority of the fight on Saturday night. Hats off to Joshua for showing heart and resilience but he had a rude awakening to how much he needs to learn after this master class. At times blowing hard and looking very predictable, Joshua's power finally got him the win in the 11th round. It was not the two or round round blow out so many so called pundits predicted - Klitschko merely needed to hold more in the last couple of rounds and he would have won but because he had been so successful keeping things at distance he stuck with that strategy but unfortunately his reactions were slowing. Joshua landed a bomb of a right hand and things were over from there even though Wlad got himself up off the canvas twice more. The nearly exhausted Joshua was revitalized from seeing his man down and finished the job.

Still this must be a stinging lesson for the Englishman. He didn't destroy the 'old man' and was very close to losing. He did not out box Klitschko as so many had, laughably to my mind, predicted but was shown to be predictable and low on ideas at times. I used to think Joshua would make easy work of Tyson Fury but now I'm really not so sure. If Fury can possibly stop eating and somehow regain the condition he was in for his fight with Klitschko it could again be a tough night for Anthony.

Complacency definitely played a role in Joshua's performance in this fight. When he came to the weigh in at 250 pounds I was concerned. No matter how young one is, to box well with a great mover like Vladimir is always going to be difficult. Indeed, from the fifth round Joshua was blowing hard, his plan to walk through Klitschko clearly not working. The fact that a 41-year-old dragged Joshua into the late rounds AND put him on the canvas must hearten Joshua's rivals greatly-particularly Fury.

The popularity of Joshua versus the greatly despised, controversial Fury is a natural match up but it will take Fury at least 10 to 12 months to lose the 100 pounds of blubber he would need to do so the logical thing is for Klitschko, already in World class shape Fury could only dream of, to get a rematch. September; Wembley-Joshua Versus Klitschko 2-Repeat or Revenge.

Bring it on Eddie Hearn!!