23/02/2014 19:55 GMT | Updated 25/04/2014 06:59 BST

Four Ways to Lose Your Post-Baby Tummy Fast! Reducing and Reshaping the Belly after Pregnancy

Life in the 21st Century is just too fast. None of us can really cope with it, it's too hard, too fast, too frightening, and we just don't have the bandwidth! When you're pregnant you can multiply that by a factor of 10!

When baby is finally born and you're busy making him or her happy and safe you find you have a new problem to stress about. Even if you've lost the bulk of your baby weight your stomach still looks bloated and has this awful sagging pouch. Now baby is here we no longer have an excuse for this so we need a plan to eliminate it. Try these tummy exercises after pregnancy to firm up that stubborn tummy. Don't underestimate the value of a taut and toned midsection, not only will it improve your profile but it will improve circulation and reduce risk of back problems, varicose veins, leg cramps, ankle and foot swelling and more. There are lots of tummy exercises after pregnancy that will help you flatten the flab:

1) Basic crunches or bent knee sit ups are your first port of call. Start slowly and don't push yourself too hard. Begin with pelvic tilts and simple abdominal contractions: Lie down on your back with your knees bent, feet on the floor. Slowly tighten your abs and tilt your pelvis toward your head. Tighten the pelvic floor as you do this.

2) After a couple of days your stomach should be getting stronger so now up the odds a little; With your back on the floor, put your feet on the floor, knees bent, and place your hands behind your neck to support your head. Press your lower back into the floor then lift your head and shoulders off the ground. Repeat 10-15 times.

3) As you get stronger, to raise the intensity for continued improvement add difficulty (lift your feet off the floor during reps, for example) and use variations (like tilting your legs to the side and reaching for the opposite knee as you come up to tone the oblique muscles on the sides of your torso). Working different muscles is essential for losing that belly fat after pregnancy. To work extra hard recruit an exercise buddy. Blast your baby fat after pregnancy with a baby bench press: Lie down with legs bent and feet flat on the floor, holding your baby so he's resting on your belly. Inhale and lift your baby skyward, pulling in and contracting your abs at the same time; then exhale and lower your baby. Do as many reps as you can.

4) An exercise ball is another great tool for tummy exercises after pregnancy. Ball crunches work like regular crunches, but you'll be adding the element of balance, which makes your moves a bit more challenging. If crunches just aren't your thing or you want more of an overall workout, try yoga or Pilates, both of which place an emphasis on a strong core. Oh, and don't forget -- a sensible diet and regular cardio exercise will help you burn belly fat after pregnancy (and overall fat, too).

This approach doesn't just work on post pregnancy tummy but fights middle age spread too as you can see from the pictures below!

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