24/04/2014 06:30 BST | Updated 23/06/2014 06:59 BST

When a Doctor Eats an Apple Does He Have an Existential Moment?

So implacable truth has emerged that Tamiflu, the drug stockpiled by the UK government in case of a flu epidemic was not fit for the purpose and the pharmaceutical company behind the drug fudged the research results and hid those results from view for 5 years. These clinical results have, after much fighting and legal action, finally been wrenched from the drug company's grasp and not surprisingly reveal very shadowy goings on. UK Medical experts commenting on them have stated explicitly that there was "no credible way these drugs could prevent a pandemic" and that stockpiles were "money thrown down the drain". Worse still Professor Carl Heneghan said side effects from Tamiflu included serious "psychiatric adverse events, renal adverse events and metabolic adverse events" (Source BBC News 10th April 2014).

So could it be that pharmaceutical companies really lie to people just so they can make huge profits? Surely not and yet more emphasis is not made by government on staying healthy and vital and maintaining a strong immune system with good nutrition and supplementation. "An apple a day..." Remember that one? Well, what if that were true? You'd in all probability say; "That's easy to do!" You're right but you know, it's also easy not to do. Lots of people have a muffin for a snack at break time instead of an apple but just by making that small change you could begin a whole new healthier life. If you get sick and go to the doctor his or her answer always comes from the pharmaceutical box. They went to medical school and drugs are their tools. They aren't going to sit and discuss your eating habits and exercise schedule and even if they could they're not qualified to give advice in those areas. Unfortunately dangerous and toxic drugs are dished out daily with less and less respect for their side effects and long term health compromises. Prescription drugs kill more people than crack cocaine in the UK. Indeed last year the number of UK pharmaceutical overdoses (3,338) exceeded fatalities from road accidents (1,960). Check it out for yourself, the facts are all out there but do we really pay enough attention? Don't we owe it to ourselves to know these facts? Big corporate greed is everywhere-not just in conspiracy plot lines in TV movies and Novels but in real life and that greed overrides any concern for your health or mine. Just think, if drug company Roche can con 424 million pounds out of the UK government do you think they would hesitate in selling you and me short? Why do you think that recent 'guidelines' published recommended more use of statins despite risks of severe liver injury? Why has the massive over prescription of antibiotics for minor ailments left many of them ineffective against serious viruses? Don't be under any misconception; The pharmaceutical companies' Utopia is for all of us to need to take a drug every day of our lives for the rest of our lives regardless of the short or long term effects. Doctors also can't be completely exonerated here working hand in hand with these companies. When was the last time your doctor told you to eat more fruit and veg or get more exercise? If you can truly understand this report on Tamiflu you must conclude that the medical fraternity right now has about as much credibility as catholic priests and 1970's television light entertainment personalities! But they will go on profiteering, setting up their own clinical trials and pushing more dangerous drugs into the market and governments will do little or nothing to stop them.

Finally, it's down to you to take care of the health of you and yours and avoid using dangerous medications at all costs. Small changes in our everyday lives can result in big inspiration. Don't forget we are organic creatures so it makes perfect sense that organic products are best for us-not manmade pharmaceuticals. Choosing the apple over the candy bar might inspire you to pick up a Health and Workout magazine instead of those awful, cheesy celebrity gossip rags that adorn every supermarket checkout. That in turn might encourage you to turn of the T.V and take a walk around the park. It doesn't have to a be some staggering change like joining an exercise boot camp or going on an all-soup diet! In studying basic physics we learn that getting a heavy object moving from a standstill requires much more effort and energy than it does to keep it moving. One glass of wine often leads to two but one new health discipline likewise leads to another and the benefits soon affect everything in your life. It can be very simple to begin to lose weight, feel fitter, eat better and very soon completely turn your life around-your kids too if you have some. Baby steps for you and baby steps for them.

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