17/12/2015 11:37 GMT | Updated 17/12/2016 05:12 GMT

The EU - Doomed From the Start


For a nation-state to successfully exist, a common sense of identity must be apparent - people must think of themselves as a part of the nation they live in. Even in the direst of times and against all odds, a certain level of common identity can hold a nation together - be it the land we share, the laws which govern our lives, our history or our culture.

When a state is an invented entity with no strong internal ties - when people are forced together under one banner - then that state is doomed to fail from the start. Just like it did in Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union - a breakup will eventually occur.

Like the European Union - this is a Union which was set for failure right from the very start.

Out of all of the nations which form the European Union, British voters are the most patriotic. Over 60% of the Great British Public would identify more as British than European - with only a mere 15% admitting to any sort of European connection. From this evidence alone it seems in time Britain will decide to Leave the EU.

The EU is not European. There may currently be 28 Member States of the EU, but there is no further connection. There is no joint history, no shared culture and no lingua franca.

The British have a strong tradition of being proud of their history - after all, there is a lot to be proud about. Some of the greatest playwrights, poets, businessmen and women, scientists and inventors of all time have been British.

The EU has nothing to be proud of. It has no history, no matter how hard it tries to manufacture one.

It's true, the European Union formed in response to the tragedy of the Second World War. The European Coal and Steel Community, the Common Market, the European Community, were all set up to limit internal competition and to prevent further fighting. However, in an attempt to prevent another war, nations are now trapped inside a Union with little freedom; forced into trading together by rules and legislation created to hinder trade with the Global Market. Businesses feel suffocated by the ever-controlling European Parliament, and where does this stop? Brussels are still discussing tax laws being under EU control. Ever so slowly, more and more national powers are being pulled away.

The European Union have finally gone too far. Their attempt to create a new identity - with a flag and a national anthem - has failed.

Other European nations have felt pressured into joining the Union, however to do so they had to lower their flags own and replace them with the Flag of Europe. They were forced to pronounce someone in another nation was better equipped to create their own national laws.

To join the EU was not a gain in identity, but to lose their own.

There is no respect for the European Parliament, no affection for Brussels or Strasbourg - there is no reason for it at all! Why would you respect a bureaucratic parliament which seems to dictate and overrule us at every opportunity?

No one would go to war for Europe.

Rather than a Union of peace and safety, it is now an accountant telling us what we must pay, what we cannot spend, how low our pensions must be, which vacuum cleaners we can use, which light bulbs and much much more - all under the thumb of German Chancellor Angela Merkel!

And the public are starting to see this. They don't want a German Chancellor deciding the future of their nation.

And maybe the migrant crisis of the past summer has been the turning point - the point where both the public and parts of the mainstream media have begun to see exactly what was is going on. David Cameron and Britain decided to hold back from allowing unlimited refugees into the country. Cameron decided to spend our money to help those who really needed it in the camps outside of Syria. What did Merkel do? She gave a 'come one - come all' invite to all the migrants, bringing more than she ever imagined trekking across Europe.

This is the final straw for a lot of Britons - the moment the penny finally dropped. Our identity of a self-governing nation is in tatters. Instead a German leader had made a decision so huge it is impacting on every other nation within the EU - including Britain - which is being forced to foot the ever-growing bill worth over £1billion.

One nation now makes decisions for all. To many, especially those in Greece who have already greatly suffered at the hands of Merkel, the EU is now an ever-expanding German Empire.

With all the problems around the continent, the calls for the return of self-governing nations is on the rise. The UK, Hungary, Poland, France, Greece and Italy have all seen a drastic increase in Eurosceptism. The idea of national sovereignty and nationality has not disappeared, and appears to be growing stronger.

Where do we go from here? We clearly cannot go on like this.

Imagine for a moment the EU doesn't yet exist and it's 1975. There is an upcoming referendum asking us to join what we now know as the European Union. A Union governed by Brussels, for Brussels, with open borders and its own currency, along with a demise in nation sovereignty. In view of what we know now, would British voters back in 1975 still voted to join? Probably not.

The Great British Public are now slowly waking up to the fact our nation is no long self-governing. With an impending referendum on the horizon either next year or in 2017, it's now time to shake our fists at those bureaucrats in Brussels, who for too long have decided the future of our once great country! When the time to vote in the referendum comes, the only sensible thing is to join together to reclaim our national identity and Get Britain Out.