02/10/2014 07:30 BST | Updated 01/12/2014 05:59 GMT

The Way We're Working, Isn't Working...

Human beings are unequivocally the most intriguing, thought provoking and hyperbolized creatures ever to have walked planet earth. We are complex, intricate and arrogant to the world we have rule over and, more importantly, with ourselves...

Human beings are unequivocally the most intriguing, thought provoking and hyperbolized creatures ever to have walked planet earth. We are complex, intricate and arrogant to the world we have rule over and, more importantly, with ourselves. Together we form a community that seeks justice, undermines false authorities and fights to preserve opinion. We as people, therefore, are one giant contradiction to our natural human thought processes. The Institute of Brain Research published a paper last year, which stated that 92% of all laws within G20 countries went directly against our natural human thought processes. These are instincts that are genetically wired into our way of thinking. Instincts, which have protected, preserved and grown the human race to the size and influence it has today.

So why do we do this? Why do we go against our natural way of thinking?

Various organizations have several explanations as to why this could be the case. One of the biggest institutions in the world, The Roman Catholic Church, says that human thinking is part of a grand design by God and that we, as people, have the responsibility to supervise the Earth with care and love. Other religions believe that we have been reincarnated from a previous form and have returned to this Earth, our home, to change it. The humanist community will say that human thinking is part of a genetic and scientific phenomenon, which has allowed us to evolve to be far more intelligent than the other creatures that inhabit Earth, and because of this we have a right to dictate our way of living. Fundamentalists will preach of the fundamental basic human ability to live and that we are all small bits of carbon that can't take charge over other creatures, let alone ourselves. Every single one of those organizations, institutions and ideologies has persuasive opinions and arguments. Not one of these points can be proved wrong.

It is my opinion that we, as human beings, suppress our natural instincts because of something we learn as children. Something that isn't genetic but a side effect of the magisterial society we have created for ourselves. These basic principles are called 'morals'. For thousands of years we have carved a way of life that suppresses our natural instincts. It is a way of making sure that people can live peacefully with one another and work for the betterment of society in general. It is a collective of human information gathering and a sharing exercise that continues to thrive. It is also an ability to control basic emotions and unify a culture on similar thinking; for example the difference between good and bad.

We are all multifarious creatures that have to resolve the intricacies of our complex affairs in order to navigate the labyrinth of life. Our planet is now home to over seven billion of us. As society as a whole continues to diversify itself I am left asking what it is to be human and how long separation and division can last in what seems to be becoming a singular culture. Our new world, with old habits, is becoming the new contradiction to human life and to basic morals.

We as people then need to change the way we treat one another. We need to create a new culture and stamp out the culture that has come into existence in my lifetime. Human life at this moment is one of inclusion and yet division; unions and yet separation; connectivity and yet loneliness. We are all standing for what we believe in and yet seeing no change in the status quo. To quote Martin Luther King Jr. "Divided we stand". We live in a convoluted existence that harks no rewards for positive change, only prosecution for bad behavior.

This way of thinking affects every aspect of our lives, everyday. We are dismissive of people's troubles and don't think to ask past the firewall of people's stubbornness and lend a hand to one another's difficulties. Instead we mock people's attempts at success and ignore all that doesn't conform to our greedy and self-centered attitudes.

An example of this type of thinking is, the late and great, Robin Williams. A man who inspired and entertained people for decades who sadly took his own life after suffering with a severe form of depression. The world was shocked by the news of his death and messages of goodwill were received and shared. However, very few would have even realized that he had a problem until it was all over. As a society we let Robin down by not being able to recognize the issue and resolve it before he took a very permanent decision to what was probably a temporary problem. We lost a fellow human being because of failings in the way that we communicate with one another and the consequences of that false communication. It would certainly be interesting to know how many people we lose, every year, because of these general failings.

What goes even further is that it has become an established part of our culture to judge people by the jobs, careers and material processions they have and not by the values they personally uphold. I believe people make the world go round. People are the reason we are the way we are and it is people that can change the way we are.

Take business people as an example, they spend their entire lives trying to separate their personal and professional existences. Their businesses may not be what we expect but that does not give anyone the right to judge their person. A level of celebrity has come to the business community, which is both useful yet, extremely destructive to the people involved. By forcing people onto the pedestals of "success" we are alienating them from society and, much like you would do to an Elephant at the circus, are prodding them to perform for us. Once these people have outlived their stay or can no longer perform to our expectations, they are sent round the back of the building, locked up and then get left to the vultures of the world's print press, social media trolls and the evitable word "failure".

Our culture needs to change. It needs a new start and some new rules to prevent the alienation of our own kind. People are people AND business is business. There's a great saying by Henry Ford; the founder of Ford Motorcars; which says, "I have lived and seen a lot in my life and if I was to have but one piece of advice about business and life, it is this; It's nothing personal, it's just good business and any business shouldn't become personal." In life then we must take this view and receive people as who they are and not what you assume them to be.

My advice, however uneducated it may be, is this. Don't be the part of the community that places people on the pedestal of success but create a community that values the ethics of the people you learn from. Don't undermine the opinions and beliefs of others but learn the differences in your perspective and create unity instead of division. Don't rely on the world to provide you with the life you expected and then complain if you haven't achieved what you wanted to. Instead dare to learn and dream and build your future. Don't let your thoughts get in the way of emotions and don't allow anyone to influence the way you feel about your life.

Hearts should rule over heads and not the other way round. We should be creating a strong culture on the perseverance of a human will power not the incongruous behavior that makes us feel justified in marching into the affairs and concerns of others. Be content with the life you live and change what you don't like, no one else is going to do it for you.

I am a firm believer in the concept of Solidarity for Self Sufficiency; helping myself means I help others. You cannot affectively help or support anyone in your life if you are not helping and supporting yourself. You shouldn't be afraid to ask for help and assistance. You will probably be amazed by the response if you were to ask. Stay true to yourself and continue on your lives mission, whatever that may hold for you.

Ours is an imperfect world were people don't truly know what they want or how they go about getting it. In my opinion that is no way to live and in the words of Steve Jobs; "those who are left sitting and not acting may as well be dead for all the change and influence they have on the world".

Set aside your differences and ignore the material processions, the notoriety and praise you have received. Instead look each other in the eye and get to know the people, what they stand for and how they want to go about doing it. We have suppressed our natural instincts; it is now vital we fine-tune the morals in which we now base our lives around. Together, with this change, we can create a new norm; unionized on the endless possibilities; connected by the ethics we share and inclusive of all of our neighbours. It is only when we reach this point that we can safely say that the future of the human race is bright, connected, inclusive and prosperous.

Be kind to one another.