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Royal Ramblings Meets EC3 (After He Feasts On Mounds Of Bacon)

Royal Ramblings recently sat down with former Impact Wrestling World Champion EC3 to talk Impact debuting on Spike UK TV, the locker-room vibe and more...

Royal Ramblings recently sat down with former Impact Wrestling World Champion EC3 to talk Impact debuting on Spike UK TV, the locker-room vibe and more. However, before any of that happened we were put on hold by a typically jubilant EC3 who told us he needed to run through his house to his office. When finally he returned he proudly announced and later Tweeted "I really put you on hold as I just had to eat a large amount of bacon! And you can quote me on that!" and indeed we have. Good to know EC3 has his priorities straight! Food and entertaining the masses - now that's something we can all get on board with. No doubt we'll all have our popcorn and chips at the ready when Impact returns to UK screens on Spike TV this Friday.

Impact wrestling - new name, new deal and new energy. What can UK fans expect?

For me, it is the best deal we could possibly have in the UK. The UK is a hotspot of wrestling. It starts Friday April 21st at 9pm on Spike TV. We were a very popular brand in the UK at one point, the UK has some of the best fans in the world and we want to be back there again. For me personally I am just pleased that the fans in the UK can once more see me on their TV again!

In December of last year Impact launched an APP, which was a paid service on which you could watch the show - so where does this leave that product?

IMPACT will run on the app after seven days, and the app also retains all the classic content and incredible matches and talent from the history of the company. More importantly, the way people are watching TV is changing and an app is totally needed. In wrestling, you see this with the network and it is going to change far more than we can foresee it - content on demand is the future. But most importantly you can go back and see all my great matches - so yeah you should sign up to it!

Impact appears to be on a firm footing. What is the atmosphere like in the locker room between those who stayed during the previous management and those who are just returning?

So many times there has been this change and that change. It does not really matter about the good times and the bad times... all that really matters is that you as a talent are consistent. There are a lot of new faces because we have lost a lot of faces. For the new people, all that means is there is an opportunity for them, and you can quote me on this, s**t or get off the pot! As far as guys like myself who have been there a little bit, it's a new locker room to control and I'm looking for new opportunities to grow myself and for them to bring it. Otherwise I will be on top until I choose otherwise.

What does the future hold for you? We spoke to Cody Rhodes the other day who had his exit plan from the industry all sorted - do you?

For me it's to be the absolute best and there is only one thing that signifies that and that is for me to be the Heavy weight World Champion again. Good luck to Cody - he is doing some acting at the moment and in fact I have just done a movie and that is something I would like to attempt and try more of in the future.

We have seen you wrestling in the UK a few times recently - what you think of the UK scene and will Impact being touring again?

The UK is a hotbed of professional wrestling - everyone is talking about how cool the UK scene is and its fun! Most importantly it is because of the atmosphere the fans create - especially when Impact has toured. And we need to be doing that again soon and it's defiantly in the pipe line!

There you have it. More to look forward to from the stars of Impact Wrestling. Make sure to check out EC3 and his opponents current and future on Impact from this Friday at 9pm on Spike TV.