29/04/2014 09:26 BST | Updated 28/06/2014 06:59 BST

Living in the Land of FEAR

I am all of a tremble, I am quivering in my boots, I am turning into a gibbering nervous wreck and overcome with FEAR!

I am all of a tremble, I am quivering in my boots, I am turning into a gibbering nervous wreck and overcome with FEAR!

Better Together or Project FEAR as they privately named themselves have me almost hiding in a cupboard under the stairs sucking my thumb and whimpering, Mummy please don't let these nasty separatists get me!

At least that is what Better Together would seem to want me to be like.

They keep telling us, over and over again in fearsome mantra:

We wont have the pound.

We will have no defence

We will be kicked out of Europe

All our neighbours will be foreigners

All our family living in England, Northern Ireland or Wales will be aliens

We will lose all our business

We will be an economic basket case

We will have border controls imposed on us

The banks will all go bust, err they haven't done so?

We will not be allowed in NATO

We will individually poorer and prices will shoot up!

We will not get pensions

We will not afford welfare

In short....We will be bloody knackered and up the Clyde minus paddle.

I am so frightened!

Well actually I should or would be, If I actually believed for one moment that we would leave that dysfunctional lot in charge, now that really does scare me.

Other than their repeated mantras of FEAR, we are seeing something else about them, and it is not at all pleasant.

It is not just that they are scaremongering at warp speed with their stories, it is what is going on behind the scenes that the real fear they are trying to install lies.

It began with threats to our shipyards, that they wouldn't get orders and would be shut down. As if they hadn't decimated our ship building industry enough?

Then all the behind the scenes letters to foreign governments to get them to line up against us.

Westminster government departments have been applying pressure on business's that they deal with to warn us against Independence.

Standard Life privately sent letters to their staff suggesting they would lose their jobs as Standard Life would be moving operations South.

Some Big Trade Unions from their London base have been publicly stating that their membership will be supporting Better Together, without having a vote of their Scottish members.

The CWU being the latest, who took a ballot of 8000 of their number, In Bournmouth! Yet their Scottish Branches have been saying YES!

More sinister yet, someone told me that RBS have told his ex wife that her job will be heading South in the event of a YES vote, meaning that he wont be able to see his beloved daughter. This is too much to bear, and he will most likely be voting NO! I don't blame him, what is he to do?

A Barrhead Travel director sent out warning letters about Independence to their workers, saying jobs would be lost.

Aberdeens Labour run Council sent out scary Better Together litrature to its council tax payers with their bills.

The List goes on and on.

Most recently we have had the CBI debacle where CBI Scotland registered with the Electoral Commission as a formal Better Together supporter claiming that It's membership had been consulted, only to have a spate of Scottish Business and Institutions resign or suspend their membership, forcing CBI to say that it was all a big mistake, they were really independent.

While that was all going on, it transpired that the BBC are a member of this secretive organisation, and they decided to merely suspend their membership, but not until May 30th, meaning that they supported CBI's stance in the meantime, and would only suspend once the campaign was officially under way. This from a supposedly impartial broadcaster?

For all the FEAR though, for all Better Togethers and Westminsters efforts, I refuse to be scared.

What if we couldn't have the pound?(we can) We would still have to use currency.

What if we weren't allowed to remain in the EU? We would join EFTA and maybe have a better deal alongside others who don't want to be part of the full EU.

What if NATO didn't let us in because we wouldn't keep Trident? Why are they desperate to have non nuclear Sweden on board, and have as their new head someone from non nuclear Norway? NATO wouldn't keep us out and leave the North Atlantic exposed.

We have nothing to fear except Fear itself, everything else can be sorted out, and very easily once all the silly games stop.

Well actually, I do have something that scares me....

UKIP being top of the polls for the European elections, and the Labour lead over the Tories has shrunk for Westminster... A UKIP/Tory coalition after a NO vote...

Yikes!!!! Where do I sign to get the hell out of here!!