31/03/2017 07:19 BST | Updated 31/03/2018 06:12 BST

Don't Be Afraid To Speak The Truth

A times I wonder were my life has gone. After eleven years of battling with lasting effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and the harm I have done to my body when my mind is continuously stuck in the past. I feel I am frozen in time. I feel as through society has shunned me to the outside and as I sit tight waiting to be accepted back into this world. Yet, these moments of isolation and despair have allowed my mind to process and calmly examining certain injustices that my family and I have experienced.

At present, my mind is settled and unblemished by pasted events but despite these quite moment my mind refocussed on the challenges that I and many other survivors must overcome to find justice and come to sense of acceptances, whatever that may look like?

I seem to now be more frustrated not at the perpetrators because they have dominated and traumatized my mind over these years that I will not allow them to harm my brain again. I am stronger than them. By minimalizing their power in my memories and thoughts, they cannot filter into the present.

However, I struggling to understand how the school has been able to keep my attacks hidden and take no responsibility what happen. I rationally know why because it would bring negative media attention and damage their reputation. They will never acceptance there frailer to protect me in their care even though they have made numerous noticeable changes since my family first spoke with about what had happened. The headmaster said, 'You would not have come here, if these things never happen' and after that initial meeting. We hit closed doors and they took legal advice. Since then, there has been silence. Even with a Freedom of Information Act begin put to the school, they do not have to answer any of the question because they are a 'charity'. I question how a private school earning millions of pounds can fall under the category of a charity. I honestly do not understand the legacy system in the UK. In addition, my medical records from that time have been destroyed and because I was so unwell in the coming years, I was unable to tell the extent of the abuse until in my early twenties, this has meant my parents cannot sue the school for not taking care of me in their care because there is only a three-year window to bring a claim. But, as I was not well enough we have miss that opportunity and I know that is a heavy buried for my parents to carry daily.

It can feel so demonising as a survivor of childhood abuse which happen on school campus that nobody want to take reasonability for what happen and listen to lasting effects that it has happen on my family and me. I know that I am not alone in feeling this way, in some cases, it can take survivors years to see any justice or accountable. This deeply sadness me that these events happen today.

However, there are some an amazing people that have allowed me to share my story and have listened to journey even though it is difficult to share and listen too. I have found some relief from openly talk and sharing my story. This was only made possible by a charity called Women Speak Out and early this year they realised my video. I receive support and kindness from many people, yet sadly not everyone's response has been so kind and warm. I knew this would happen and it is part of life. Severely weeks after the video was realised a friend was decision it with another person and said, 'this sort of thing doesn't happen within schools' and my friend said, 'it happen to Rosie and her family'.

Still people believe that child abuse or any formal of abuse doesn't happen within the school system whether private or public but the truth is that it does. I am one of many people that are silence by the school fearful of being sued if I mention the name of the school or that my case cannot be brought to court because to lack of collation evidence and the media unwilling to listen to survivors` stories and given them a voice. The silence will continue and so will the lack of transparency within the school system, resulting in school being protected and not accountable. More victims will remain silence. Luckily, I have found my voice but I aware many people never get the chance to share their stories.

Here is my story:

Please watch and share. Maybe one day are voices will be heard and hopefully listen to.