11/02/2013 08:13 GMT | Updated 10/04/2013 06:12 BST

Was Equal Marriage What We Were Really Aiming For?

Earlier this month, members of Parliament voted on the controversial issue that is equal marriage.

With high tensions, the votes were counted showing 400 votes in favour to 176 against the introduction of the bill.

For many people, including myself, this was a monumental day, it showed the start of something life-changing for thousands of same-sex couples across the country.

The news of the outcome to the bill spread incredibly quickly across the social network sites including twitter with the simple statement of 'The 400 ayes have it! #EqualMarriage' on the fees of one equal marriage campaign group.

That evening, I was incredibly surprised by the comments to the outcome, from a range of different age groups. One of the most common things I heard around the North East was to statement of 'I'm never getting married, so it has no effect on me.'

It made me ask myself, was equal marriage something we really wanted, or was it simply the  attraction of something that wasn't possible?

As someone who is not religious in many ways, and who's on edge in churches, I never intended to get married in a church, a sunny beach with cocktails thousands of miles away from the norm always had more of an attraction for me - although I can't think why!

For me, it was about being equal. As Peter Thatchell mentioned earlier this week, this bill affects thousands of couples, and my support to the campaign was for those people, that one day may want to enter a marriage rather than a civil partnership.

Although the battle for equal marriage has crossed the first hurdle, it's time to be clear, marriage for gay people is still a long time coming, the new bill will  now head to Committee Stage in the House of Commons where MP's will have a deeper discussion of the proposals being made.

Until that time comes, for me at least, we should be incredibly proud, proud of the fact that the campaign for equal marriage brought people young and old together, to lobby their local MP's, to stand together, and fight for equality for our communities across the country.