24/12/2013 04:50 GMT | Updated 22/02/2014 05:59 GMT

Are You Giving From Your Heart This Christmas?


Christmas is by far the season in which people feel they HAVE to give because everybody does it, because that's what Christmas is all about or because that's how it's supposed to be. It's grown into 'the bigger the better' but is that really so? How authentic are we giving this Christmas?

Things that grow and develop expansively by nature, be it a business or a garden, need to be tended to, to keep on the right track. A garden needs trimming, clearing up and manure, while a business needs to be streamlined. It needs management with a vision, goals and proper communication. It's the same with anything else, including Christmas.

The way we are forced to celebrate Christmas is an invitation for un-authentic giving... giving without it coming from our heart, without us feeling it. That type of giving is empty. It's like giving another person an empty box wrapped in beautiful paper. This gives us nothing in return energetically as well and it takes our joy away. Especially those who are already struggling to follow their own hearts get snowed under during Christmas. Some might just shrug their shoulders but a whole bunch of us do not like the way we are forced into soulless buying. Yet, we feel we can't stand up for how we really feel...

Christmas becomes your worst season rather then the best one because of it. Full of demands, worries, stress and time consuming preparation that we feel we have to do, which closes off the connection to our true self. On top of it, our days off should be regenerating and relaxing!

If we are honest enough to recognize this we realize next year won't be any better unless we dare to stand up and give ourselves a little space to see how we really feel about Christmas this way and what we'd really have to offer for Christmas.

We give authentically when what we give, is what we WANT to give because we FEEL it in our hearts. When we then buy a gift, it actually is easy and fun. It lifts us up. That's when the giving gives back to us as well and the person on the receiving end will actually feel fulfilled with that gift. A continuous circle of positive regenerating energy starts to flow.

We are so programmed with how Christmas should be, that we never even considered we can actually do it our way, if we only knew what that way was! Often our fear to disappoint others, or to stand out in the crowd and getting shot for it, is why we just go with what's been dictated by... yes, by who ... ?

So what is Christmas really about, what do we want it to be about, what is the essence of Christmas for you and what do you really need this Christmas.

Authentic giving starts when we really connect with ourselves. All we have to do is to validate every single one of our feelings and needs at all times. This creates space inside and when we create space for us our true self becomes active. It feels heard, needed and appreciated and when that happens it starts giving us the input for what we really want and need to give. That's when giving actually energizes and makes us happy again. Allowing what we give to come from our heart, is authentic giving.

Christmas becomes a happy occasion again. Your happiness will be wrapped up in the package you give which will automatically make others happy too. It will make them feel good on every level. It doesn't mean you only think of yourself, it's not "either-or" it just has to start with you feeling what you want to give and then extending that to what you are going to buy FOR that other person. ( I do not mean that you give others only what you want to give, it's both. You give to them what they want AND what you want to give from your heart, it's that last step that is often overlooked.)

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This Christmas, at the dinner table, have a moment to think about how you are giving and make a commitment to your authentic self to change in the new year. Make it a completely happy and relaxed next year. Whatever you feel you need, that's what you'll do, let that be your Christmas gift to yourself and to the people around you!

For more information about becoming authentic email Sacha at or visit the website and order a soulreading for authenticity, they are on offer till December 31st!