18/03/2014 11:47 GMT | Updated 18/05/2014 06:59 BST

The Importance of Sisterhood

As I am sat at Triumph HQ in London waiting to meet with an old friend and marketing guru, I am mesmerized not only by the beautiful sets of underwear adorning every corner like a wallpaper of diversity and femininity, but also by the warm and open feel from the staff buzzing around me. As the all female team running the Women In Making campaign introduce themselves, I have a feeling of unity and sisterhood before we even begin.

They are looking for a writer who will suit and understand the ethos of this venture aimed at enabling women's creative talents to flourish; someone who knows that honing your craft is as much a tool for success, as having the self-belief that you can, and will, be successful. My friend proudly announces, 'You're the first person I thought of!' Now that, is sisterhood - and I feel instantly at home.

women in making

Triumph's Women in Making judges and mentors, L-R: Thea Green, Owner & founder of Nails Inc; Lizzie McQuade, milliner and last year's winner; Georgina Coulter, Fenwick of Bond St buyer; Sophia Webster, accessories designer & Roksanda Ilincic, fashion designer

Complete with a panel of inspirational makers (pictured above), 'Women in Making' will mentor, support, and encourage creative women nationwide to believe in themselves as they submit their work in the hope of winning the chance to make their dreams a reality: it's women supporting women in everyway. No surprise then, to see why my friend chose to work for Triumph, and why they have created this campaign; they love and respect women, with a company mission of 'tailoring female self-confidence'.

These innovators of undergarments have been pioneering sisterhood before the word was even used, innately understanding that women need to feel empowered and feminine throughout their multifaceted lives. Moving away from the ridged confides of traditional bras they created the first stretch bra in the 1950's, the seamless cup in the 1960's, and introduced revolutionary lightweight bras in the 1970's. This is a brand that championed the anti-stereo types of women from the go using intelligence and insight to assist the changing woman's femininity, via the integrity of their craft.

When my friend first invited me to be part of this campaign, I was incredibly touched. Back in the early days of my writing career, she was on-board from my very first piece with nothing but enthusiasm and support of my choice to follow my heart and kick the day job. Even though I had a lot to learn, her encouragement and understanding of what I wanted to achieve inspired me to be a success.


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Enter The Women In Making Competition For A Chance To Win A £10000 Bursary.

I wanted to write about a dire - but equally hilarious, relationship I had thankfully survived. Packed full of life lessons, my focus was to connect with women everywhere by being totally honest and letting it ALL out in the hope that they wouldn't make the same mistakes I did. This evolved into writing for multiple channels all aimed at empowering women and intensifying how utterly important it is for us girls to pull together via shared experience. My mission from day one was to make my readers think, 'Christ! I love being a woman and it's ALL going to be okay! When we join forces and support each other creatively and emotionally, the ripple of goodness and empowerment flows through us making us collectively, stronger.

Thankfully I have the gift of incredible readers who regularly contact me. There is no better feeling than knowing that something I have gone through then written about, makes a lady in Los Angeles want to email me to say I inspired her to 'ride the creative wave and never give up'. It's a payback of immeasurable joy to support women through my words - Oprah would be proud right? So I am thrilled to be part of such a vibrant and positive campaign to propel female talent and skill into the limelight, and my friend's choice to invite me to on-board is like my favourite underwear: seamless.

Long live Sisterhood.

To enter Triumph's Women in Making competition to win a £10,000 bursary and a yearlong mentorship from fashion designer Roksanda Ilincic; Thea Green of Nails Inc; accessories designer Sophia Webster; Fenwick of Bond St buyer Georgina Coulter and Lizzie McQuade , milliner & last year's winner, click here.