18/05/2014 18:06 BST | Updated 18/07/2014 06:59 BST

Wenger Finally Delivers-But Will he Learn From His Mistakes?

I'm not going to lie - I am a huge admirer of Arsene Wenger. Even through these barren years where we haven't won anything I have had faith in our manager that he would deliver at some point. When he finally opened the purse strings to spend over £40million on Ozil I thought this may have been a turning point for us to finally achieve something. However i'm still not convinced despite this FA Cup success and I'm going to be the first one to call it. This was a fluke.

Wenger's philosophy has been great; why buy superstars when you can develop them from the ground up. This has been all well and great but unfortunately as he knows now, once you build superstars; they don't tend to stick around a club that doesn't win things, especially when bigger clubs come calling who are willing to buy big.

Take a look at all the players that were loyal to the club that have left so easily. They do this because faith alone isn't enough to keep them throughout a short career; action does.

Wenger spent some serious money finally on Ozil and he won the FA Cup. There is a direct link between the two - You spend money on quality and you get quality. Don't get me wrong, Ozil's season hasn't been great by someone of his standard or price tag but you have to bear in mind its his first season and the English game is very different to that of the Spanish. Despite his first season he has delivered a decent season contributing to silverware. We have had only Giroud in attack who I think is a great player and could be better if he had someone else up there to support him and take the pressure off. An attacker is what we need. Sanogo is too young, he reminds me of a young Adebayor and as soon as he came on in the FA cup final vs Hull you could see Giroud suddenly getting more space to try and create something himself, in fact he assisted Ramsey's third goal thanks to Sanogo drawing the players to him.

Wenger had a chance to spend money in January when we were leading the league, there were hints Liverpool would have sold Suarez for around the £55 million mark, Wenger had the money and we needed a striker. He refused to spend a penny over £40 million and £1. Suarez has since gone on to win the PFA Player of the year and his value is likely to be north of £60 million now. We may have won the FA cup but we gave up the Premiership because of his stubbornness.

Wenger has tried to invest in quality in the past and it hasn't always worked out; look at Arshavin. That was a waste. Unfortunately this appears to have made him too sceptical in the transfer market. Some players are worth it, others won't be. Suarez was a player who is young, proven and hungry to succeed; everything Arsenal needed and they blew the Premiership because they refused to buy a guaranteed winner.

My question is; If Wenger won't spend the money on a player like Suarez who is arguably the best attacker in the world right now; how can we trust him to buy any players for next season?

I doubt he will. In fact i'm certain he won't. He will point to this FA Cup victory and use that as another shield not to spend any money citing the players we have now are good enough.

Some are - others are not and I would be very surprised if suddenly we get what we want from Wenger and some investment. I'm not holding my breath.

Saj Devshi runs a Psychology revision blog covering AS Psychology and A2 AQA Psychology A level. He is also an Arsenal fan, Author and part-time Entrepreneur in his spare time.